Book Reviews.

I review lots of books for both publishing houses and individuals. Below are links to all my reviews on this blog. I'll be updating this page every month or so, or as I post new reviews. :D

~ B&H/Lifeway

Anchored by Kayla Aimee
The Battle Plan for Prayer by Stephen & Alex Kendrick
Cherish by Vicki Courtney
100 Days with Jesus by Diann Cotton 
In Bloom by Kayla Aimee
Mere Hope by Jason Duesing
Hope Your Hearts Needs by Holley Gerth (review coming soon)

~ Indie-Authors

The Sparrow Found a House by Jason McIntire
Heaven's Jubilee by Faith Blum
This Hostile Land by Willowy Whisper
Fitting In by Rebekah Morris
Silly Feeling by Willowy Whisper
Our Christmas Bear by Sarah Brazytis
Destroy by Tricia Mingerink
Whispering Leaves Saga by Willowy Whisper
Hartly Manor by Amanda Tero
The Secret Slipper by Amanda Tero
A Place Called Lonesome by Jesseca Wheaton
The Coronation by Olivia Lynn Jarmusch
The Notes in Our Hearts by Gabriellyn Gidman
Where Dandelions Grow by Lydia Howe
They're Rugby Boys, Don't You Know? by Natalie Vellacott
Esther Ashton's New Dress by Kellyn Roth
Flowers by Kellyn Roth
Forest Zooks by Gray Marie Cox
Sleeping Handsome by Rebekah Eddy
Meet My Boyfriend by Willowy Whisper
Where Trains Collide by Amber Stokes
Quest for Leviathan by Amanda Tero
Letters from Home by Gracelyn Buckner
Finding Christmas Joy by Amanda Tero
Outpourings of a Beloved Heart by Joan Embola
The Missing Piece by Libby May
When Beauty Blooms by Victoria Lynn
Goldfish Secrets by Kellyn Roth

~ Bethany House

From This Moment by Elizabeth Camden
The Wish by Beverly Lewis
The Ebb Tide by Beverly Lewis
True to You by Becky Wade
The Proving by Beverly Lewis
Falling for You by Becky Wade
The Road Home by Beverly Lewis (review coming soon)
Out of the Ashes by Tracie Petersen (review coming soon)

~ BookCrash

Same Dress, Different Day by Juliet van Heerden
God in a God-Forsaken Land by Gene Stark

~ Blogging for Books

The Gift for All People by Max Lucado

~ Revell Reads

The Newcomer by Suzanne Woods Fisher
The Return by Suzanne Woods Fisher

~ Tyndale House

The Other Side of Infamy by Jim Downing
Freedom's Ring by Heidi Chiavaroli
With Love, Wherever You Are by Dandi Daley Mackall (review coming soon)

~ Sirens Media

When God Calls the Heart at Christmas by Brian Bird & Michelle Cox

~ Voluntary Reviews

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
Christmas by the Sea by Beth Wiseman
Noelle's Gift by Amanda Tero
Let's Keep Christmas by Peter Marshall
The Purpose of Christmas by Rick Warren
As in Olden Days by Jesseca Wheaton
The Christmas Star by Ace Collins
The Women of Christmas by Liz Curtis Higgs
Mandie and Joe's Christmas Surprise by Lois Gladys Leppard
Red Boots by Kate Willis
Christmas Smiles by Rebekah Morris
The Proposal by Becky Wade
Christmas Eve at the Backdoor by Rebekah Morris
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

~ Audios

The Candle in the Window by Margaret Hill McCarter

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