Outpourings of a Beloved Heart by Joan Embola {Book Review + Release Day}

Happy Wednesday, dear readers! 

I feel like I wasn't around here at all last month...which is basically true, aside from a few blog tours. But today I'm here with the new book release of an Instagram friend, and I'm hoping to have a 'quality' post up every week this month. Thanks for sticking with me! <3

Let's dive into Joanny's book now, shall we? ;)


The name "beloved" refers to one who is dearly loved and deeply treasured. God called Jesus His Beloved Son in whom He is well pleased and because of Jesus, we have been accepted into God’s family and given the right to be called His children. So we are deeply loved by our Heavenly Father and He loves us as much as He loves Jesus. But do you believe that with all your heart? What about when you are surrounded by the worries and cares of life? Are you still sensitive to His love then? Do you feel you are too imperfect to be loved by a perfect God? Do you feel you carry so much garbage that His love can't possible take away? Well here's a chance to know more about the Father's love for you through poetry and reflections. It is a chance to find peace, comfort and joy in His presence. A chance to be reassured that His love for you never fails even in the storm. These are the outpourings of a heart that has found true solace in the arms of a loving God.


Outpourings of a Beloved Heart: A 30 Day Poetry Devotional about God's Love is a well-written, inspiring, and encouraging devotional centered around and focusing on the love of God. 

I really loved how the interior of the devotional is set up. Each day is arranged with a title, a scripture passage or inspiring quote that relates to the day's theme, an original poem written by the author, a suggested Bible reading, and text that correlates the entire reading and connects the Bible passage to the theme—often including other scripture references. 

While reading this book, I thumbed back and forth all over the Old and New Testaments to read the suggested passages, and look up and compare other references. It dives deep into the character of God, the sacrifice of Christ, and God's all-compassing love for us, His children. The segments on hope and waiting were especially lovely and spoke to me. 

If you're looking for a wonderful, month-long devotional that speaks to the soul, this one is for you! 

5 stars! 

* I received an e-copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. *

Author Bio

Author Joan N. Embola is a Cameroonian/Nigerian girl born and raised in Cameroon. She currently lives in the UK and is studying in London. When not revising or preparing for exams, she loves to write, blog, journal and make videos for her YouTube channel where she encourages others in their Christian journey. She is the founder of “Love Qualified” - a ministry dedicated to encouraging others to experience the sovereign love of the one true God who has qualified us to be His beloved ones. She hopes that God uses her work to richly bless and encourage you. You can connect with her on the various platforms below.


  1. Sounds really encouraging! How long was each poem/day?

    1. It's lovely! The poems were usually 1-3 pages, and the total daily devotional 4-7 pages. :)


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