Anchored by Kayla Aimee {Book Review}

Hello everyone! Today I have a book review for you! :) 

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~Book Description~ 
 Uncover a hope that holds. 
 You count a pregnancy by weeks and Kayla Aimee had only ticked off 24 of the 40 when she unexpectedly went into labor. She thought her church upbringing had prepared her for every circumstance but when tragedy struck and threatened to take the life of her newborn daughter, it felt as though once solid ground had turned to glass beneath her feet, destined to shatter everything she held sacred. 
 When swept into a story of suffering, we all find ourselves vulnerable, questioning everything we thought we knew as we wonder, "Where is God in this?" With everything feeling as fragile as her one and a half pound daughter, Kayla finds herself asking that same question as she faces her greatest fear: that she may have finally become a mother just to lose her only child. 
 Both poignant and humorous, Anchored recounts Kayla's gripping story of learning to navigate her newfound motherhood in the most unexpected of ways, from holidays in the hospital and middle-of-the-night phone calls to the joy of coming home. With vulnerability and plenty of wit, Kayla lays bare her struggle to redefine her faith, her marriage, and herself within the context of a tragedy she never saw coming. For anyone who has felt their faith in God falter, Anchored extends a gentle invitation to join her as she uncovers a hope that holds. 

~My Rating~ 
5 stars 

~My Review~ 
  This is an amazing book. If a book can make you laugh, make you cry and stir your heart, it's got to be good. The way Kayla writes and tells their story is beautiful. She makes you feel like she's sitting their with you, having a heart-to-heart chat. I laughed so many times over her sweet southern charm. :) 
  I cried time and again while reading of this family's struggles. All they went through with little Scarlette being born so premature is heartbreaking. Kayla tells it all – the numerous trials they experienced and how hard all of it was on her marriage. Her daughter Scarlette, born weighing the equivalent of six sticks of butter, is an inspiration to us all. 
  Jeff, Kayla and little Scarlette – thank you for sharing your story with us. May God continually bless your precious family. 

  If you want to laugh hysterically, cry with true emotion, and put the book down with a "wow", then this book is for you. :) 

~Quotes I Love~ 
  "While I'm no Bible scholar, I imagine that what anchored me when I was most lost was a collective offering of prayer, and that is a sweet communion." 

  ""Let there be light," He spoke into darkness and from that burst forth all of the beauty. "Let there be light," I whispered into the darkness, fingers bleeding and begging for beauty to come from these ashes and give us our genesis. I did not see how there could be any light in the darkness of this despair. My soul was swallowed up in sorrow."

***I received this book for free from B&H/Lifeway in exchange for my honest review.*** 
**Description and quotes are direct from the book.** 


  1. You definitely made me want to read that. It sounds a lot like one of my favorite books: Dana's Valley(Janette Oke). Only two books have literally made me cry. This is one of them.

    1. Haha, that's the plan! Oh, that one sounds good. I'll have to check it out sometime. ;)

      Welcome to my blog, R! And thanks for commenting. :)

  2. This sounds really good. Wow, that's a tiny baby. Thank you for reviewing it for us!

    1. Yes, a teeny, tiny baby that spent 156 days in the NICU. :'(
      Thanks for commenting, Bethany!! :D

  3. This book sounds pretty good, Faith! Thanks for reviewing it! :)

    1. It's AMAZING. You would probably enjoy it. :) Thanks for commenting, Rebekah!!


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