Christmas Eve at the Backdoor by Rebekah Morris {Book Review}

~ Description 

The Great Depression is in full swing, and Mrs. Kabrick hopes to make Christmas a special time for her children even though they don't have much. With the back door constantly opening and shutting, time flies bringing cold air, visitors, and a very special Christmas Eve.

~ My Rating 
5 stars 

~ My Review 

Oh, how endearing and whimsical! 

Christmas Eve at the Backdoor was a delightful read. From the very beginning, with all the ties to the importance of back doors, I was pulled into the story and the joy and charm of a historical Smalltown USA. (I just love those stories, y'all. ^_^)

The Kabrick family's Christmas preparations are repeatedly disrupted by this and that, but they greet each interruption with smiles and keep the true meaning of Christmas deep in their hearts. 

Definitely one of my favorites by this author! <3 


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