There was Always Laughter in our House by Sarah Holman {Book Review}

~ Description

What do you get when you mix two parents who grew up in the city, six kids who have always lived in the country, and add homeschooling? You get a whole lot of laughter!

Homeschool graduate and author Sarah Holman shares stories about her family that range from thought-provoking to side-splitting. She shares both hilarious mistakes and heartbreaking moments in her family. In this collection of stories, she endeavors capture some of the answers to the questions people have often asked her about growing up in a conservative homeschool family as well as some of the wisdom she has gleaned along the way. Sarah invites you to open up this scrapbook of memories. She hopes that you come away encouraged, inspired…and laughing.

~ My Rating 

5 stars

~ My Review

Oh my, what a lovely look into the life of a sweet, caring homeschool family!

I picked this book up, expecting some smiles and laughs and challenging lines, and I was not disappointed in the least.

Going in, I was somewhat familiar with the Holman family from following three of the sisters' blogs (Sarah, Rose, and Mikayla), all of which I love. Learning more about their family and background—and dozens of inside jokes—was so much fun.

Sarah delves into the ups and downs of living in a house of eight, of being homeschooled before homeschooling was 'cool', of living fully or Christ even when misunderstood and criticized. Although my family's approach to homeschooling is/was a bit different than that of the Holmans, this book was such an encouragement. While reading, I found myself thinking along the lines of—"Hey, someone else really does get those weird questions..." or "Oh, we did that too!"

I love 'real' stories, and I adored the ones inside these pages. The truth and the honesty. The love, the compassion, the beauty, the faith. It was an encouraging and inspiring read.

If you want a true story that will warm your heart and make you laugh, give There was Always Laughter in Our House a try. <3


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