Whispering Leaves Saga by Willowy Whisper {Book Review}

~ Description 

She kept remembering the gentle voice, the large warm hand, and the soft heartbeat she had fallen asleep to as a child so many years ago...
Can Silverleaf and Willowy Whisper survive the trials and tribulations of their hearts and kingdoms? Can they find the love they've longed for? Will true love come into their lives, henceforth and forever...?

~ My Rating
5 stars 

~ My Review
Wow. I seriously finished this book speechless. The writing is absolutely beautiful, the emotions are realistic and raw, and stories amazingly told. *squeals* I absolutely loved it!!! :D 

Whispering Leaves Saga is a delightful collection of seven short stories, all tales of the same characters. The fantasy storyworld was really amazing, and I loved the castles and kingdoms. ^_^ Aside from catching a few typos (3-4 at the most), I seriously have no complaints about this book. Precious...amazing. Ahh!! <3 

Whispers of the Morning -- 5 stars
Such a sweet story! I loved how what happened in the beginning of the story wrapped back around at the end. :) 

The Tale of Silver Leaf -- 4 stars 
I didn't like this one *quite* as much as the first, but it was still good. The sacrifice by the Woodlenn boy at the end tore me up. <3 

Escape -- 5 stars 
Lovely! This was the first story to include characters from both the previous two. It was fast-paced and exciting, but left some room for explaining. 

The Crowning -- 5 stars 
This one included the explanation of the aforementioned story (Escape) along with some excitement all its own. Secrets being revealed! 

The King's Quest -- 4 stars 
There wasn't quite as much to this one as the others, but it was still great. Golden Eagle and Willowy Whisper are the cutest. <3 

The Keeper of Every Tomorrow -- 5 stars 
This story absolutely broke my heart, with its beautiful title and beautiful storytelling.

Henceforth and Forever -- 5 stars 
And this one was beautiful too. Like, seriously, I have no words. It's closely connected to The Keeper of Every Tomorrow and wraps up the series of stories quite nicely. 

Favorite quotes... 
"You could not have defeated me, good sir. Do not vex me by slaughtering my pride, lest I should have to prove my words and kill you." 

But the sweet tone in her voice belied the pain she was feeling in her heart as she watched the most precious man in her life walk away. 

**I received a free e-copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.** 


  1. I haven't read anything by this author, but this sounds like a pretty good book.
    Another great review, Faith! You always write great reviews! :) I'm hoping to get better at writing reviews. ;)

    1. I definitely recommend her! She writes really sweet romance too, in this one and her Hills of Innocence series. :)
      Aww, thank you so much, Rebekah!! <3 Your reviews are great too. :D

      Love your new profile pic too! :D SNOW!!


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