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Destroy by Tricia Mingerink {Book Review}

(Minor spoilers if you haven't read books 1-3...) 

~ Description  Before the war, before the Blades, before the Leader…
There was a boy and a scullery maid and a secret shame. One moonlit night of blood and knives destroyed their country and their lives forever.
The Leader failed to die, but will he also fail to lead?

~ My Rating  5 of 5 stars 

~ My Review  First off, I have three things to point out about this book. I loved it, it was amazing, and I need Deliver (book four) NOOOWWWW. 
*ahem* Okay, so this book in The Blades of Acktar is a novella that goes between book three (Defy) and book four (Deliver). 
I wasn't sure what to expect going into it (I mean, no Leith and Renna for the most part?!) but I shouldn't have worried. As usual, Ms. Mingerink has crafted an amazing story that will stir your heart. The Christian messages bled through so well, and the story was superbly done all the way around. 
When I met the Leader in Defy, I wasn't sure what to think of him. I certai…

I Have Been Blessed.

Y'all, I've just came upon a glorious conclusion. Not really a conclusion I guess, as I knew this before today, but maybe I'm just now realizing it fully. 
I just received a precious and sweet e-card from a dear friend. Followed by a super sweet email from another special friend. (Not mentioning any names, but y'all know. *wink*) 
I am just so blessed, y'all. So very blessed. I have did nothing to deserve either of this lovely ladies, or any of my other in-person or online friends. 
And yet God has gifted each and everyone of them to me. <3 It's precious, y'all. I'm so very blessed. 

*hugs everyone* I've got writing to do, but I just had to share this feeling that's on my heart right now. Have a blessed day all, and remember that it's the little things that matter. <3

Let's Keep Christmas by Peter Marshall {Book Review}

Please pause here to note my beautiful picture...okay, we can move on. 

~ Description ~ 
One of the most beloved ministers of this century reminds us that Christmas means the birth of Jesus Christ--the gift of God with us. Marshall also celebrates the family customs that make the holiday so special. Wonderfully illustrated, this Christmas keepsake is perfect for traditions and family reading. 

~ My Review ~ 
This is great little short book, a sermon actually (and one that Dad has read from in his Christmas sermons several times). My family has an old copy (in the above picture) that we bring out every Christmas season and place on the coffee table next to the family Bible and a few other Christmas books. 
"So we will not 'spend' Christmas nor 'observe' Christmas. We will 'keep' Christmas – keep as it is... in all the loveliness of its ancient traditions. May we keep it in our hearts, that we may be kept in its hope." 
Beautiful. What Christmas should truly…

Noelle's Gift by Amanda Tero {Book Review}

~ Description  Mama needed happiness for Christmas, but Noelle was only eight. What gift could she give? A short story.

~ My Review
5 of 5 stars 
This was a beautiful short story, weaving together Christmas, family, the innocence of a child, and music. <3 It reminded me a lot of the classic Christmas story, "Christmas Shoes", with a twang of sadness. I truly enjoyed the story and would recommend it to any age. :)

Our Christmas Bear by Sarah Brazytis {Book Review}

Hey everyone! Long time no see, over here, huh? *wink* But I'm back now, with a couple posts for the 12 Days of Christmas linkup going on over at Stories by Firefly! A book review today, and hopefully some more coming between now and Christmas :) 

~ Description
For three years, the widow and her two daughters, Rosetta and Bianca, have lived alone in the cabin on Mr. Heaton's vast estate. But this winter they have a visitor. What would bring a man to their lonely home in the bitterness of sub-zero weather? Is he the only man who is in the forest this winter? And why does he have such a mysterious name? 
Loosely based on the old tale of Snow-White & Rose-Red, this is a Christmas story the whole family can enjoy. When good and evil come face to face in the snowy woods, which will prevail?

~ My Rating  4.5 stars

~My Review
Intertwined with colorful pictures, Our Christmas Bear is a charming story with a delightfully Christmas feel! 
Rosetta and Bianca were cute characters that made be…