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Autumn, My Favorite Season

Autumn...Fall... What do these words mean? To different people they mean different things, I suppose. In this post I will share with you all what Fall is to me. ;) 

Fall is wearing pants and a sweatshirt to bed beacause you refuse to shut the window just yet. 
Fall is grabbing a beautiful handmade quilt and curling up in your favorite chair to read a good book. 

Fall is lugging a box up from the basement and decorating the house with...


...leaf-shaped candles.

...and cute window clings. 
Fall is the print of leaves on the concrete. (After being gone for two weeks and then removing all the leaves that had piled up, this interesting design was discovered. ^_^) 

Fall is onions hanging up to dry. 

Fall is the beautiful pink chrysanthemums blooming in the yard.

Fall is the leaves trying to cover the large rock behind the house. 

Fall is eating your fill of candy corn, because it isn't around the rest of the year. (I take that back, it isn't supposed to be around the…