The Christmas Star by Ace Collins {Book Review}

~ Description

Robert Reed gave his life for his country in the early days of World War II. His sacrifice was honored when his widow and son were presented with the Congressional Medal of Honor. Each Christmas the final decoration Madge Reed hangs on the family s tree is that medal. Rather than being a symbol of honor for young Jimmy Reed that shining star represents loss, pain, and suffering. Yet a letter delivered by one of Robert s fellow soldiers and a mystery posed in that letter put a father s sacrifice and faith into perspective and bring new meaning to not just the star hanging on the Christmas tree but the events of the very first Christmas. Then, when least expected, a Christmas miracle turns a final bit of holiday sadness into a joy that Jimmy has never known. 

~ My Rating 
5 stars 

~ My Review 

The Christmas Star was such a sweet, WWII-era story!! 

I grabbed this book from CBD awhile back, but I hadn't gotten around to reading it until recently. But I don't know why I waited!! This book was everything I'd hoped it would be and so much more. 

Main character Jimmy Reed lost his father, a Marine in the Pacific theater. The book opens a few days before Christmas of 1945, the first Christmas after the war. Jimmy is really hurting over knowing that his father is one who won't be coming home. He's 'straying from the straight and narrow' so to speak, and headed down a bad road. 

I don't usually love books with only/mostly guy POVs, but I really liked this one. There was two kisses in the book that I wasn't expecting and didn't really care for. *spoilers* Like.. Y'all are teenagers. Just please no. *end of spoilers* 

I sooo enjoyed reading Jimmy's story, his internal struggles of differentiating between right and wrong, and the tale of Christmas miracle in Ash Flat, Arkansas. :D Calvin was...probably my favorite character. He was just amazing with the way he reached out to those most people had forgotten. I loved learning his heartbreaking backstory too. <3 

All the tie-in stuff with Jimmy's dad was epic too!! The medal, the letter, the visitor...that surprise at the end. *shivers* Let's just say my heart was happy. <3 

All the way around, it was a really wonderful book! :D



  1. This is really a great book! :) Wonderful review, Faith, I agree with everything you said! ;)

  2. I’ve never read it but it sounds like a good book!


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