Saturday, August 29, 2015

Vermont Trip ~ Day 1

Hello everyone! I haven't posted here in a terribly long time. Sorry! :) Things have been busy, but now they've settle back down to normal. ;)
I'm going to be doing a daily account of what we did on the trip. I have lots of pictures too!

Day • 1 ~ Friday, August 7th

We met up with the group, had prayer and left about 6:45 AM. We were on the road all day. These pictures were taken (out the van window) when we were near Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. 

A barn

A corn field

That's a water tower, I think. If you look closely, you'll notice it says Chambersburg on it. :)

More corn!

And this last one, of a barn and silo, was taken in Walnut Bottom, Pennsylvania. 

Despite a few difficulties while finding the place we were to stay, like getting lost...First the GPS sent us into a Pepsi-Cola distribution center, where the man at the gate flat-out refused to let us go in to turn around. (Note: turning around a 12-passenger van, with a trailer behind it is not simply!) 
 We followed the second set of directions which sent us down this road into a neighborhood where the bridge was out. So (obviously) we couldn't go that way either. Turned around the second time, and backtracked. Finally the third directions got us onto the right road and into our destination. :) 
 We carried in our luggage and loaded back up in the van to get dinner. We were going through downtown Carlisle, when my mom pointed across the street to a little shop. 
 "What does that sign for that bakery say?" she asked. 
 I looked in that direction and saw a fluorescent sign, hanging in the window. It was similar to that of an OPEN sign. 
 I squinted and studied it closer. There were three letters. The first was an O, and the second could be either O's or P's. Ooo? Oop? What is that supposed to say? 
 A lady in the next seat up, spoke up. "It says 'Open'. The N is out." 
 And sure enough it was! The first letter was o. The second letter was p. And the third letter was e. We all busted out laughing. We were still snickering when we got to Cracker Barrel. ;) 

Day-2 coming soon! Thanks for reading! 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rose of Sharon

It has been far to long since I posted here, and I apoligize. :) I'm not back home yet, but we're on our way and we'll get home tomorrow. This week has been awesome! I'll never forget this trip, the people I've met, or the experiences. I've been blessed. ;D I'll be doing several posts on all that soon, but for now a verse and some pictures of the Rose of Sharon in our yard. 

"I am the Rose of Sharon, and the Lily of the valleys." - Song of Solomon 2:1