Tuesday, March 27, 2018

100 Days with Jesus by Diann Cotton {Book Review}

~ Description 

How do you capture who Jesus really is? What words would you use to describe Him?

Explore the endless possibilities with these 100 names and attributes, pulled directly from Scripture, and presented with uncommon clarity and depth. Full in scope. Rich in devotion. 

Through prayers and insights that widen your view of Jesus’ nature and purpose, you will see Him in ways you’ve perhaps never noticed before—specific to your need, complete in His love for you. You won’t just be informed. You’ll be transformed. One day at a time, 100 days in arow, inspired toward a deeper, more knowing sense of worship . . . for a lifetime.

~ My Rating 

3 stars 

~ My Review

I don't like writing negative/ranting reviews. I really don't. I feel even worse about it when it's a Christian book. But since a review is meant to be an overview of my thoughts and opinions on the book along with an accurate rating, I'll do my best. 

Along about the 40% mark, I was really, really wanting to give up on this book. I'm glad I persevered, as the best passages were in the latter half of the book, but the book still felt kind of flat to me. I read the whole thing, looked up all the references, and still didn't get much out of it. It wasn't a bad book, I just feel like it could have been so, so much better. 

100 Days with Jesus is formatted as a 100 day devotional. Each day has a name for Jesus, a Bible verse where the name is found, and a definition. Following that, there's a paragraph that reads like a prayer...and basically just re-words the verse and definition. At the end of every single page was the same line... "Thank Him, praise Him, and worship Him today as the *insert word of the day*." Yep, that's all well and good. But...that's it? Several times I found myself going "wait, I'm done with that one already?" 

Lastly...the grammar. The whole book needed a good edit. If exclamation points are your thing, that's great. I use them plenty myself. But when five out of six sentences end with "!!!"? It gets old really fast. Especially when there's multiple exclamation points in one spot... 

Like I said, it wasn't a bad book and it's not my intention to bash the book or the author in any way. I just expected more from as large a publisher as B&H. More depth, more encouragement, more evidence to show me that this is someone I should be taking Biblical counsel from. 

I'm sure many readers will enjoy the book—and I'm sure there are those who will get more from it than I did. It just wasn't a good fit with me. 

**I received a copy of this book from B&H/Lifeway in exchange for my honest review.** 


  1. That's too bad that you didn't enjoy this book as much. You wrote a good review though! <3


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