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Where Dandelions Grow by Lydia Howe {Book Review}

~ Description  Cousins are forever, or at least they’re supposed to be.  What happens when your world falls apart and your dreams are mocked by those closest to you?  Destiny’s idyllic childhood full of laughter and cousins abruptly ended when her mom uprooted the family to move them across the country with strict instructions to never talk about Swallow Ridge again. Eleven years later Destiny moves back to her hometown, determined to find her cousins… and answers.  Plagued by generations of bitterness and manipulation, Destiny hides her life-long goal - unwilling to let anyone else trample her fragile dreams. But life in the cozy town full of dandelions teaches Destiny there’s more to life than what she’s been taught.  Is it possible Swallow Ridge not only holds the answers Destiny so intensely searches for, but also the hope?

~ My Rating  4 stars 

~ My Review 
A cozy and whimsy read! 
To be totally honest, I would have to say that I signed up to review this book 99% because it has the word …

A Living Faith.

This is not the post I had planned for today. Last night, as I sat down to write or at least get head start on today's post, I glanced over the meager notes I had for the topic I'd planned. And I frowned. Sure, it's a good topic. But it's not really on my heart right now. I don't feel like writing it right now. You see, I like to write what I feel. What God has been showing me. 
So, I scrolled through some old draft posts and quickly found this one, that I started this spring. I finished writing it, tided it up, and here it. I hope y'all enjoy. :) 
Yes, that other post will probably appear here sometime, but probably not for a few weeks. In the meanwhile, I have other things planned. ;) 

I sit down to write this post and I honestly have no idea what I'm doing. I want to write something good. Uplifting. I want to encourage you all in your Christian walk. 
I want to write about faith. 
No, not capitalized Faith. (Writing about her might get lengthy, not to ment…

Don't Give Up, Dearest.

As I talked about briefly on Stories by Firefly a few days ago, this is National Suicide Prevention Week in America. I had an entirely different post planned for today (which y'all will probably get next week *wink*), but after some contemplation, inspiration, and prayers, I decided to write about this. Hopefully it makes sense to someone. 

It's a sticky subject. One that most people shy away from. Which is sad, really...when you think about it. It's a wicked disease, stealing people away. Why don't we know more? Why didn't I know more until this week? I claim to be writing a book that deals with the topic, and yet I was sorely under-informed. 

> Did you know that there are more than 1,000 suicides on college campuses a year? 
> Did you know that, globally, someone commits suicide every 40 seconds? That's around 800,000 a year. 
> Did you know that suicide is the second-leading cause of death among people aged 25-34? And the third-leading cause…

The Bookish Tag.

Happy Saturday, friends! Faith @ I Like Thattagged me for the Bookish Tag, and since I hadn't did a tag here in ages, I thought it would do this today. :D (No, this is totally not a get-out-of-jail-free-post because Faith didn't have anything planned for today. Of course not.) 
The Bookish Tag Rules:
-You must be honest.
-You must answer every question.
-You must tag at least 4 people.

1 ~ What book has been on your shelf the longest?  Probably some of the American Girl series (I think Addy and Molly are my oldest) or Escape by Mona Dunckel and Peanut Butter Friends in a Chop SUey World by Deb Brammer. Those last two were reading for like...second grade, maybe? 

2 ~ What is your current read, your last read, and the book you'll read next?  I'm currently reading Millie's Grand Adventure by Martha Finley (book 6). I just finished reading Millie's Steadfast Love (book 5) last night, and the next book I'll read will be Millie's Reluctant Sacrifice (book 7). 

3 ~ Wh…

Sisters in Christ ~ Libby May ~ September 2017

Hello, friends! 
So...we kinda took July and August off from SiC. That was partially intentional (everyone needs a break) and partially because I hadn't actually asked anyone else to take part. *ahem* 
But now it's back. :) I can't promise there will be a chat every month (maybe bi-monthly?), but I hope you enjoy them whenever they appear. ;)

Today's guest is Libby from Geoturtle. Welcome to Chosen Vessels, Libby! How about introducing yourself? :D 

Hi all! I’m Libby. I love Jesus, writing, reading, crocheting, chatting, listening to Spotify, hanging out with friends, praying for people, and teaching my Sunday school 3 year olds.
And blogging, right? *wink* What inspired you to start a blog?  I had a blog previously, called It was Betta fish Information site which got old really fast, no matter how much I love Bettas. After that I was going to start a blog, but that never really got off the ground. When I discovered that Mrs. Marlow, the aut…