The Sparrow Found a House by Jason McIntire {Book Review}

~ Book Description ~ 
What if your new stepdad was a Bible-toting Army Sergeant? Fifteen-year-old Jessie Rivera is living every teenager’s nightmare. Her widowed mom has married a man who wears his heavy Christian values like his sergeant’s stripes – on both sleeves. Glenn Sparrow is persistent, immovable, and not afraid to be firm. Worse than that, he’s loving, kind – even fun – and he has Chris, Moe, and Katie completely won over. But Jessie is determined that she won’t be won over, or give up her “freedom” without a fight. She knows what she wants, and it isn’t what they’ve got. Or is it? 

~ My Rating ~ 
5 stars 

~ My Review ~ 
Wow. I can't say enough about the wonderful family transformation that is so amazingly portrayed in this book. There's people getting saved and lives being changed. Ahh, it was so refreshing! <3 The writing was amazing and oh, so funny, I can't begin to count the times I laughed while reading this. ;) The characters were flawed and believable (the best kind of characters) and I could relate to them in various ways. 

Of the characters, the Sergeant was probably my favorite. His amazing love for his wife and these kids that are his only by marriage was just so wonderful. :) 
I could relate to Chris and Jessie really well – them being the two teens in this book. Their struggles with a new stepfather and all the changes he brought to their family was shone in a real down-to-earth way. 
Moe and Katie were really cute and I enjoyed reading from their viewpoints. :) 
And, of course, the book just wouldn't have been the same without Ben and Mrs. 
Mrs. Scroggins! :D 

I really enjoyed the Biblical stance that was taken in various areas -- including evolution, video games, and homeschooling. 

There's absolutely no romance in this book. (I usually like a little romance in a book, but I didn't miss it here. It just wasn't needed. :)) 
I don't remember there being a lot of specific Bible verses, but there's plenty of mentions of reading the Bible and prayers. 

The references to the Creation museum and Pilgrim's Progress made the book all the more real. :) 

And the ending... Where do I begin? So, so, so wonderful. Aww, it was just so sweet! <3 

I would recommend this book to anyone! :D 

~ Quotes ~ 

“Last one to get there’s an aging Army Sergeant backpacking a really heavy nine-year-old.”

The Sergeant had shown them this technique, he remembered now, with a utility pole (which was probably paying more attention than they were, Chris reproached himself).

It sounded so flat and dumb, yet somehow it spoke the deepest cry from her heart – indeed, from the heart of any honest human, calling out from the trap of sin. 

Upon re-entry, it managed to spray all the passengers efficiently with Dr. Pepper. 

Camp Paranoid Quarantine (as the guest house had been temporarily named)

“Chris, that hole is there specifically so you’ll find Him. It’s there to show you that something is missing from your life without God – something much bigger than the hole itself, the lack of fulfillment, the inadequacy. .... the frustrations in your life are just an obvious temporary symptom of a deep eternal problem.”

**I received a free e-copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.**  


  1. This sounds like a great book! I'll have to see if I can find it.

    1. It really is. :) Thanks for commenting, Emily!

  2. This book sounds really good! :) I'll definitely have to read it sometime soon! :D

    1. It is sooo wonderful. :) I think you would really enjoy it! :D Thanks for commenting, Rebekah!

      P.S. I LOOOOVE your new profile pic! I must hear about this vacation super soon. ;)


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