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Meet My Boyfriend by Willowy Whisper {Book Review}

~ Description 
One accident. One man. One dance.
She'd never noticed Levi Grant. Not really. Everyone knew about him, though. Everyone remembered the accident, the tragedy. It was hard to forget. Especially since he had no arm.
She only said yes because of her soft-heart-syndrome. He'd never asked anyone to the dance. Never even had a girlfriend. How could she say no?
But at she's thrust into a whirlwind of misunderstandings and danger . . . the whole world seems to change. Will her heart change with it?

~ My Rating 5 stars 

~My Review 
This book left my heart in ruins, y'all. I stayed up too late, and then went to bed with stars in my eyes and an aching in my chest. I couldn't even consider reading anything else for days. It's that good. <3
I literally have no words to describe how darling this novella is. But, because most people prefer for reviews to have words instead of video footage of me flapping my hands and squealing over Levi... I'll attempt to be…

Highway Thoughts + My First Post on the Group Blog

A few days ago, I was going to a town about two hours away. While on the highway, my thoughts led me to contemplate how interstates compare to life.

I know that sounds a little odd, (you should have seen the look my mom gave me when I told her this. xD) but hang with me.

Think about the purpose of interstates. Chances are, if you're on one, you're not going to stay on it until it ends. You're going to travel it for a little while and then exit off. You're not there for the destination, you're there for the journey.

Now let's think about life. To a lot of people, it's about the outcome. Making all the money. Having the best job, biggest house, and nicest car. 'Climbing to the top'. In a sense, the destination.

But friends, joy isn't found it having it all. Joy is found in the journey. In the little, seemingly meaningless everyday occurrences that bring a smile to your face.

On the highway of life, we're not here for the destination. We'r…

Liebster Award 2018.

Happy Saturday, readers! :) I realized this morning that I had no idea what I was going to post here today, and I mildly freaked out. Thankfully, Ivie tagged me and rescued me from...peril? xD

// The Rules ~ Thank the person who nominated you.  Thanks, Ivie! :D
~ Answer the eleven questions they gave you.
~ Name eleven facts about yourself.
~ Nominate eleven bloggers for this and let them know.
~ Give them eleven questions.

// The Questions1. Favorite candy?
*taps chin* Jolly Ranchers, LifeSavers, Sour Patch, Twix, Milk Duds... 

2. Favorite book? 
...really, Ivie?! Really?! Okay, fine. A Distant Melody by Sarah Sundin is *A* favorite. 

3. Favorite author?
Sarah Sundin, Jesseca Wheaton, Willowy Whisper, Beverly Lewis...among others.... ;)

4. Would you rather have to publish your first draft or publish your third draft?
Third. Very few people who I legit trust with my life (read: my critique partner and sometimes Mom) are the only human beings who see the full first draft. *nods*

5. Favorit…

Sleeping Handsome // Blog Tour + Book Review

Hello friends! :) We're here today to celebrate the release of indie-author Rebekah Eddy's latest work, Sleeping Handsome.

    Minnie's goal was to have a fun, worry free vacation with her best friend Amy. A few weeks spent in their favorite far away place before they both went back to their respective colleges. A visit to the many famous sights across the British Isles has been on both their bucket lists for a very long time, after all.
    However, when a mysterious taxi driver mentions a legend that somehow concerns her ancestral heritage, she decides to dig deeper. After being accused of stealing the famous statue and tourist attraction known as Sleeping Handsome, Minnie and Amy are plunged into a world they would never have imagined existed.
    Prince Gregory, after being awakened from being frozen in stone for hundreds of years, finds himself searching for his true love in order to reverse the stone spell on his kingdom and awaken the rest of his people. With…


Sometimes I dance to a song on the radio.

Sometimes I stare off into midair for 7.56 minutes before noticing that I'm doing it.

Sometimes I ramble off numbers that I just made up, numbers like 7.56.

Sometimes I daydream in the shower.

Sometimes I eat ice cream out of the carton.

Sometimes I write stories so deep, dark, and dear to my heart that they will be forever hidden in a locked document, never to see the light of day.

Sometimes I am very dramatic.

Sometimes I fantasize about things that will probably never happen.

Sometimes I dream that those things will actually be in my future. 

Sometimes I watch sappy movies and read books that a lot of people would probably hate.

Sometimes I reseal those little papers that band-aids are in so that someone will think there's still something inside of them.

Sometimes it works and someone opens 9.2 of them before realizing they've been pranked. 

Sometimes I write stories that leave me hurt and raw, and then I wonder why.

Sometimes I r…

Sisters in Christ ~ Ashley Nicole ~ February 2018

Hello, dear readers! Today I bring to you a chat with Ashley Nicole, a lovely young lady who blogs at Colorful, Creative Cards and More Precious Than Gold. I totally suggest you check out both of her blogs. Her posts are always so inspirational and encouraging! :)

Welcome to the blog, girl! Please introduce yourself. :D
Hello everyone! My name is Ashley and I'm a 20 year blogger from Colorado. I'm the oldest of 8, and currently am working on getting certified as a labor doula.

I love your blogs so much! What inspired you to start a blog? 
Well, my first blog, Colorful Creative Cards, I started to get my handmaid cards out on the web per say. After I realized how much I liked blogging, I started a group blog that has now become my personal blog to share things I've been learning.

Did you read other blogs before starting your own, or was starting a blog what thrust you into this amazing world we call The Blogosphere? ;) 
Hm, a couple of my friends had blogs that I read, but it …