Sometimes I dance to a song on the radio.

Sometimes I stare off into midair for 7.56 minutes before noticing that I'm doing it.

Sometimes I ramble off numbers that I just made up, numbers like 7.56.

Sometimes I daydream in the shower.

Sometimes I eat ice cream out of the carton.

Sometimes I write stories so deep, dark, and dear to my heart that they will be forever hidden in a locked document, never to see the light of day.

Sometimes I am very dramatic.

Sometimes I fantasize about things that will probably never happen.

Sometimes I dream that those things will actually be in my future. 

Sometimes I watch sappy movies and read books that a lot of people would probably hate.

Sometimes I reseal those little papers that band-aids are in so that someone will think there's still something inside of them.

Sometimes it works and someone opens 9.2 of them before realizing they've been pranked. 

Sometimes I write stories that leave me hurt and raw, and then I wonder why.

Sometimes I realize why.

Sometimes I begin so many sentences with the same two words that the whole page starts to look weird.

Sometimes I realize I've already broken the pattern. 

Sometimes I write down a bunch of weird things and post it to my blog against my better judgment.

Sometimes I do not understand this Faith-person.

But I guess I'll keep her.


*coughs* Um, yeah, I don't know what happened there. What do you do sometimes? ;)


  1. I actually really liked this post! :D It was very Faith.

    Sometimes, I read blog post about what other bloggers sometimes do.

    Sometimes, I stare at something in a way that my villain might stare at something... uh....


    1. Thank you, D.G.! :D

      Hehe, I love your 'sometimes'! ;)

  2. Sometimes I fantasize about things that will probably never happen.
    Sometimes I dream that those things will actually be in my future.

    Oh my word, *nods* Dat so true and presh. <3

    This post was so adorable. I loved it. xD

    1. Mhm. That was a tough line. <3

      Thanks, dear. xD

  3. That was awesome. I love hearing about what you sometimes do.

    Sometimes I get stressed and don't comment on all the awesome posts
    And I post way to much on Instagram
    And I don't want to go to bed because I just want to think in the quiet house
    And I talk to siblings instead of doing work

    Thanks for the post.

    1. Thank you, Mikayla! :)

      Sometimes I do those things too! And sometimes it's okay to not comment, to stay up late, to enjoy a conversation. ;)

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  4. this was great, and very deep but also lighthearted?? and also, the bandaid thing? LOL I have to try that now XD

    sarah » the introverted extrovert

    1. Haha, thanks, Sarah! xD Oh my goodness, YES. The band-aid thing is epic. My mom read my post this morning and was like "and here I always thought it was your brother that rigged the band-aids..." *ahem* *wink*

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  5. Now that was fun! This should be a tag. 23.4 things that we sometimes do.

    1. Thanks! Oh goodness, that's a golden idea. ;D

  6. Love this :). And don’t we all? (For basically all of the things you mentioned).

    Sometimes I randomly burst into song.
    Sometimes I don’t even like the song I randomly started singing and don’t know why I sang it.
    Sometimes I try out a facial expression for one of my characters before writing it down so I make sure I describe it right.
    Sometimes I think about things happening that are really never going to happen.
    Sometimes I wish I could fly.

    Thanks for sharing this Faith!

    1. Thanks. :D

      Those are great, Sarah! And yes, I do them too. Trying out facial expressions made me laugh. ;)

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your own! <3

  7. Sometimes I let my cat sit right on my lap even though I am already using my lap for something....

  8. This is my favorite post that you have posted.

    1. Thanks so much! <3 I'm going to try to do more posts like this.

  9. Sometimes I don't keep up with and comment on other friends' blogs as much as I should.
    Sometimes I get on myself for not doing that.
    Sometimes I get on the computer to write, but get writer's block and/or get distracted by the internet.
    Sometimes then I realize how long I've been on the computer and get off only to have sudden motivation to write now.
    Sometimes I eat too many cookies.
    Sometimes I have a hard time thinking of what I actually do sometimes... but apparently, I just thought of some things... so I guess sometimes I don't have a hard time thinking of what I do sometimes.
    Sometimes I think I say too much when writing, and ramble on too much.
    And Sometimes I think I don't say enough in real life.

    This was great, Faith! :D Thanks for sharing!
    (And this is also me: "Sometimes I fantasize about things that will probably never happen. Sometimes I dream that those things will actually be in my future." *nods*)

    1. Looks like you have some relatable 'sometimes' too, Faith! :)

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your own! :D <3
      (Oh, dear me, yes. <3 )

  10. Yes! I love this <3 Sometimes is one of my favorite words though, really. :P

  11. This is super funny!!! I tend to do some of those things... But not all. I have been called a very direct person, so watching movies that are super sappy (like When Calls the Heart), ehh... No. I just can't stand it!!! I do sit staring off into space sometimes, and can swing on our swingset for a very long solid amount of time. ;) I totally get you about writing very deep and sad books. When I write I feel what my character feels, so if they are super sad and grieving, I'll stop writing and then people wonder why I am sad and can't get what I was writing off my mind. THEN since I can change my tune with a high speed, I'll be laughing at a sibling quite quickly!!!

    1. Hehe, I see what you're saying, Erica. ;) Any kind of swinging is fun and—I think—relaxing! Ahh, yes, me too! <3 That's the best kind of writing though, because if the writer feels, surely we're having an impact on the reader. Haha! :D

      Thanks for commenting, Erica!

  12. I really like this, Faith! :)
    "Sometimes I fantasize about things that will probably never happen.
    Sometimes I dream that those things will actually be in my future." Yep! I sometimes do that too! ;)
    I also sometimes get way to excited about certain TV series.... ;)

    1. Thanks, Rebekah! :)
      Hehe, dreams are a good thing! <3
      Hmm...I wonder which one you're referring too.... *taps chin* *wink*


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