Made for the Journey by Elisabeth Elliot {Book Review}


In her first year as a missionary to a small group of native women in the Ecuadorian jungle, Elisabeth Elliot faced physical and spiritual trials. In Made for the Journey, Elliot captures the mysteries and stark realities surrounding the colorful and primitive world in which she ministered. More than just a recounting of her early days, this is a beautifully crafted and deeply personal reflection on the important questions of life and a remarkable testimony to authentic Christian obedience to God.


5 stars


Although this is only my second Elisabeth Elliot book, I'm fairly certain I couldn't dislike something she has written. I chose Made for the Journey (formerly published under These Strange Ashes) from the review program because, even though memoirs are rarely my thing, I wanted to learn more of Elisabeth Elliot's life story.

And I was not disappointed in the least. The author vulnerably opens up about the struggles and trials she faced during her first year in the jungles of western Ecuador. She speaks boldly of her hurt and confusion when all was falling apart and it seemed God was not blessing their efforts.

This book was an encouragement to me—definitely recommended. <3

Content Warning: Mentions of scantly dressed Indians, talk of three men sharing one woman, a childbirth scene, and a semi-detailed, jungle-version of an autopsy.

**I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell publishing in exchange for my honest review.**


  1. Wow, this is so cool! I love book reviews!

    I have a question: how do you do book reviews? :D :) ;)


    1. Hey, Izzy! My reviews are compilations of my thoughts, opinions, and an overview of the book. I receive books for review from several organizations, including Revell publishing (where this one came from).

  2. Yay!I really loved reading your post! Hope you'll write more!


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