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The Newcomer by Suzanne Woods Fisher {Book Review}

~ Description 
In 1737, Anna Konig and her fellow church members stagger off a small wooden ship after ten weeks at sea, eager to start a new life in the vibrant but raw Pennsylvania frontier. On the docks of Port Philadelphia waits bishop Jacob Bauer, founder of the settlement and father to ship carpenter Bairn. It's a time of new beginnings for the reunited Bauer family, and for Anna and Bairn's shipboard romance to blossom.  But this perfect moment cannot last. As Bairn grasps the reality of what it means to be Amish in the New World--isolated, rigid with expectations, under the thumb of his domineering father--his enthusiasm evaporates. When a sea captain offers the chance to cross the ocean one more time, Bairn grabs it. Just one more crossing, he promises Anna. But will she wait for him?  When Henrik Newman joins the church just as it makes its way to the frontier, Anna is torn. He seems to be everything Bairn is not--bold, devoted, and delighted to vie for her heart. And t…

Be Different.

Yes, I know. No post last Saturday. Sorry about that. :) After writing a post every day for the blog party at Stories by Firefly, I didn't have it in me to write something posting-worthy. 

I'm sitting down to write this post later this evening instead of this morning...or all day... Because I haven't felt like writing a 'good' post. Typing it out and admitting it, I'm making myself sound lazy. But I don't mean it to be. I had originally intended to write a post on faith and what it looks like to have a 'living faith'. But that's not what's on my heart right now, not this evening. 
(A ramble and a rant -- maybe that's what I should've titled this post, as it's already became a bit of a ramble and it's only going to worsen.) 
As I mull over all these thoughts racing through me, I'm left wondering how I can write things that are uplifting and encouraging, when I'm not sure I want to be uplifting or encouraging. Maybe I don&…

The Princess & I ~*~ Cover Reveal

A cover reveal? On Chosen Vessels? What on earth?!? 
Hehe, I know, not the norm. But with the When Calls the Heart blog party going on at Stories by Firefly, I still wanted to take part in Rebekah's cover reveal...and so here I am. ^_^ 
I had the privilege of beta-reading The Princess & I and ended up really enjoying it!! And will ya just look at the cover? Does it scream fabulous medieval setting or WHAT?!? :D 
Onward to the details! 

Megan is content with her life, despite her parents' death and her brother Malcolm's job that keeps him busy at the King's castle. But when she is offered the position as Princess Christine's lady-in-waiting, Megan is glad of the change in scenery and accepts it with the hope that she can spend more time with her brother. The promise from Malcolm of lessons in swordsmanship only adds to her enthusiasm.

However, helping keep an eye on the emotional and excitable young lady proves to be much harder than becoming her friend. …

Cities of Refuge.

This week, while reading 66 Ways God Loves You by Jennifer Rothschild, I came across this passage from the book of Numbers that made me pause and think... 

Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, When ye be come over Jordan into the land of Canaan; Then ye shall appoint you cities to be cities of refuge for you; that the slayer may flee thither, which killeth any person at unawares. And they shall be unto you cities for refuge from the avenger; that the manslayer die not, until he stand before the congregation in judgment. And of these cities which ye shall give six cities shall ye have for refuge. Ye shall give three cities on this side Jordan, and three cities shall ye give in the land of Canaan, which shall be cities of refuge. These six cities shall be a refuge, both for the children of Israel, and for the stranger, and for the sojourner among them: that every one that killeth any person unawares may flee thither.” ~ Numbers 35:10-15 KJV 

Wait, wait, wait... Back up…

Sisters in Christ ~ Amy Lane ~ February 2017

Hello everyone! Welcome to the February 2017 installment on Sisters in Christ!! :D Today I'm joined by my friend Amy Lane from Hands Made to Love and Amy & Ink

Go on and tell the readers a bit about yourself. :) 

I am a Christian, major WWII dork, movie quoter, dancer, Studio C fan, writer, artist, blogger, a blondy, history lover, & I'm interested in medical stuff.

Wonderful intro, girl! :) Let's talk about blogging first. What inspired you to start a blog?

Well, I didn't really start the blog on my own. My mom started it when I was younger, and it was for us kids. If you go back to around the beginning of my blog you will see posts from my older sister, Emily. Then the two siblings got blogs of their own, and so I kept this blog, which was then called Blogging With Momma. I changed the blog, and I've kinda grown up with it, even though it isn't that old.
But I post on it, and now my inspiration is to share faith and Christ with people, write what I thin…