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Wake Up Call.

There have been many bad things happening in the world around us lately. Fires in the western end of the country. The hurricanes – Harvey, Irma, Maria, and now Nate. The earthquakes in Mexico. The recent shooting in Las Vegas. There are probably other incidents, but these are what first come to my mind. 
It's horrible and heartbreaking. People often ask questions in times of tragedy – myself included. Why? Why me? Why this? Why now? Why all this hurt, God? 
I don't know the answer; I honestly don't. But here's what has been heavy on my mind concerning this of late. 
What if it's a wake-up call? 
A wake up call from God, trying to get America's attention. We've fallen so far away from Him, and yet He offers grace. In His goodness, He nudges us back toward the straight and narrow. Back to Him. 
His grace and mercy is there and waiting. The question is: how will we respond? 


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