Don't Waste the Thursdays.

I've been musing some lately on how Thursday doesn't get much recognition – in my life, at least. My favorite day of the week is Friday – it's the day before the weekend and it's known for that. Monday is the dreaded beginning of the work/school week. Saturday and Sunday are obvious wins for rest and relaxation and, most importantly, worship. Wednesday is the middle day and means – for my family, anyway – Bible study and youth group that night at church. 

But Tuesday and Thursday? 

They're just 'other days' where I find myself waiting for the next day to come, or looking back to what happened the previous day. Reflection and anticipation are by no means wrong – that's not what I'm saying. 

But suppose the season of life you're in right now feels like a Tuesday or a Thursday? You're either waiting for something big (Friday) to come along or you're already past it and dreading the next big thing (Monday). 

But aren't we supposed to be content in every season of lifeShouldn't we focus on finding God's will in the here and now and doing it

God has great plans for your life. Each and every one of you. Never doubt that. But...His plans don't have drawbacks in them. There is no "you can't do this, because..." God may have different plans for you down the road, but He has also placed you right here...right now. 

I can promise you that there is something He wants from you now as well. It may be as simple as being obedient to His will – whether that's worshipping Him through the days of waiting or packing up next week to move to the mission fields of Nicaragua. But He has placed you in the today for a reason. Maybe it's to grow, to learn to trust, or to simply be patient for His timing. 

But there is a purpose for the in-between. Always. 

So... How about we start living Thursdays for Thursdays? For what they themselves hold, and stop spending them waiting around for Friday to finally come. 

Thursday and Tuesday have just as many hours in them as Friday and Saturday. And our time is special. Sacred. Something that, once wasted, we can never get back. That time should be spent doing God's will and bringing glory to Him – the One who gave us life. 

So let's make our Thursdays and Tuesdays count for something this week, this month, and this year. For Him and for His glory. <3 

While I'm here I want to share something with y'all that my little bro wrote the other night. As much as his lack of grammar is aggravating me, I'm going to leave it pretty much the way he wrote it. ;) 

"Well the other night when got in I went to the bathroom to wash my hands they were really dirty from working on a powersaw and right when that soap hit those hands all that nasty dirt and oil a bits of wood come right and fell into the sink in nasty wet globs it made me think about how JESUS washed away all the filth and grime in our hearts so tomorrow when I go out to work they will git dirty again but it will wash right off just like JESUS will forgive us if we fail Him." 

Hope you got something out of all that...I was a bit all-over-the-place. ;) A blessed weekend to you all! <3 


  1. I relate to everything you just said! I needed that. I love Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays, but I can't wait for Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday to end. Thanks so much for sharing. I LOVE what your brother wrote!! That could be such a great object lesson for a Sunday School class or something :D

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the post and found it relatable! :D Wasn't that great?! I was really impressed when he shared that with uncharacteristic. ;)

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Faith!! This is such a great thought provoking post! I absolutely love it. :)
    What your brother wrote is so great too!

    1. Rebekah!! Aww, I'm so glad you think so!! :D
      I was quite impressed by what he wrote. :)

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Nice post, Faith. For me, Thursdays are coming out of my hermit shell and going to karate... ;D

    1. Thank you, Angela! :) Oohhh, yes. A lot of peopling there, I presume. ;)

      Thanks for commenting!


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