Three Day Quote Tag // Day 1

Hey everyone! Hope you're all having an awesome Saturday. :D 

A tag, yes. A rare occurrence on this blog. But this morning I realized that I didn't have a post planned for today. So instead of my abandoning the blog again, I shall do this. Onward!! 

Kaitlyn K. from Twin Thoughts tagged me for this tag aaaggggeeeesss ago. (Thank you, girl!!) And I kind of...forgot? Anyway, here goes. ^_^

The Rules: 
-- Thank the person who nominated you. (Done.) 
-- Nominate 3 new bloggers every day. (Um...I'm going to skip that part. #cheating) 
-- Post a new quote every day for 3 consecutive days. (Okiedoke!) 

**from Pinterest** 

Also, happy belated Veterans Day! Yesterday kind of slipped by without a blog post of my own, but it was still on my mind. :) 

See y'all later! 


  1. Thanks for doing this, Faith!! That's such an awesome quote, and an amazing and important reminder! We should always worship. Like the song says, "I will praise You in the storm…" ;)

    1. Thanks for tagging me, Kaitlyn!! :) It's definitely a reminder we all need to keep in mind. "I will praise You in the storm and I will lift my hands. You are Who You are, no matter where I am." Love it!! <3

  2. Such a great quote, Faith, and so true too! :)


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