Friday, June 19, 2015

Meet My Dogs

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a lovely day. According to the calendar it's been nearly a week since I last posted. How did that happen? We went camping this past week at a wonderful place. We had a blast! And this week was also VBS, so that was great. 

This is going to be a random post in which I will introduce our two dogs.....*da-da-da-da!*
                                Biskit and Bullet say hi!

Biskit is my dog. Yes, I know I spelled Biskit wrong, but that's how I spell his name. He's white with green eyes and weighs over 100 pounds. He loves giving kisses! Also he will eat anything in sight. (Not kidding!) 

Bullet is my brother's. He's much darker in color and smaller than Biskit. He has brown eyes and weighs about 85 pounds. He will give kisses but he isn't as 'affectionate' as Biskit. He will play tennis ball and swim in the creek or our neighbor's pond all day if you'll let him. If he finds a tennis ball he will stare at it and bark until someone throws it for him. Spoiled dog! :)

They are both yellow Labrador Retrievers. They are happy dogs and are good...well, most of the time...

                   Biskit on an old couch. This is an old picture. 

         Bulet staring at a tennis ball...and me!

   Biskit in our front yard. Among the clover! *smiles*

                Bullet acting silly on the porch steps. 

So now you've met our boys! (You'll be seeing more of them later!:)

Thanks for reading! 

P.S. To all the girls out there who, like me, forget Father's Day until late the night before- Sunday is the day reserved for dads! Let Dad know his special! :)


  1. Oh wow! Bullet looks almost EXACTLY like my dog, Maple! Even my little sister, when she saw the picture was like "Hey, isn't that Maple?" :P He looked so cute when he was looking a the tennis ball!

    And Biskit! I love the way you spell it, it's very unique! :D How old is he?

    1. Oh, that's funny! I forgot to put this in the post, but Bullet and Biskit are brothers and they are almost 4.
      Thanks for commenting! :D


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