Sisters in Christ ~ Bethany R. ~ August 2016

Hello, everyone! And welcome to the August installment of Sisters in Christ! :D A week late, I know. I was out of town last week and didn't have time/internet access to prepare the post. 

Our chat this month is with Bethany R. from A Great God and Good Cocoa and Two God Crazy GalsWelcome, Bethany! Go ahead a introduce yourself in case someone here doesn't know you. :) 

I am a homeschooled pastor's daughter living in rural Central California with my parents and younger sister. I've been homeschooled since third grade and now I'm in high school. I enjoy writing, reading, and blogging. Photography and interacting with horses are some of my other hobbies. And of course, given the title of this post, I am proud to be a Bible-believing, God-loving Christian who is far from perfect.

Let's talk about blogging, shall we? What inspired you to start a blog?
My dad started a blog many years ago and the idea of sharing my life with people intrigued me. I started a blog . . . but never posted. XD Then a few years later I got my act together and jumped in the pool that changed my life. As I blogged, A Great God and Good Cocoa became more than just sharing my life, but rather my creative outlet. I now share writing, my photography, prayer requests, some significant events in my life, and things that have spiritually impacted me.

Did you read other blogs before starting your own, or was starting a blog what thrust you into this amazing world we call The Blogosphere? ;)
I certainly didn't read many other blogs before starting my own, but I was following a few. Namely, Andi's Blog. Isn't The Blogosphere wonderful?

Absolutely! ^_^ How did you find my blog(s)?
I don't remember exactly but I think I met you on Andi's Blog and we went from there. :)

That sounds right. ;) Let's move on to chatting about our Lord... What's your favorite Bible verse, chapter, and book? Why?
While I don't have any specific favorites, I'll share one of each that I do really enjoy. Verse: Probably 1 Timothy 4:12 (ESV) or simply Psalm 19:1. 

The first is a reminder to me that no matter my age, I can still be a light for God in all circumstances despite what others might say. 

The second is another constant reminder that God is all powerful, and He can handle everything. Chapter: Possibly Ephesians 6 or 2 Timothy 2. I love the clarity of the instructions within them. Book: Probably Matthew, Corinthians, or Revelation. The end times scare me to death (pardon the pun) but also fascinate me.
What Bible verse(s) have really helped you through some rough times?

One would be Matthew 10:29-31. I have struggled with fear, and also feeling like I want to take control, but I have to keep reminding myself that God loves us all and will take care of us. The hairs of my head are all numbered? I have no idea how many hairs I have! He cares that much about me. Wow.

What is one event in your life that really strengthened your Christian walk?
I don't think that I have had any of those major “events” that all of a sudden made me stronger. For me, it has just been a slow up and down process, sometimes gaining ground but sometimes losing it. However, each time I go to a Christian camp, youth group, church, see God's handiwork, or discuss God with those around me whom I would call my mentors, I am strengthened in my walk with Him.

And lastly, Any Bible reading tips?
None that I'm super good at yet. :) But I would encourage you to not only read the Old Testament, but also study the New Testament. Especially the Gospels and letters of instruction by Paul such as Corinthians, Timothy, or Ephesians. Also, I recently learned of a new Bible-study tactic called “PRO-APT.” It stands for Pray, Read, Observe, Apply, Pray, Tell. I actually plan on doing a blog post about that soon. :)

Now, just for fun, let's talk about reading, writing, and all that cool stuff. :P On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most), how much of a reader would you consider yourself?
What about a writer?

Reader: 9.5
Writer: 7.5

Where's your favorite place to read and/or write?
Anywhere. :) Inside, outside, upstairs, downstairs, at my desk, in my room, in the car, at my grandparents. XD I'm pretty flexible.

I think you're the only person I know who also writes in the car. ;P 

What's your favorite author(s)? Favorite books by them?
Uh oh. I was dreading this one. It's a good thing that you made this plural. Top two favorite authors: Tricia Mingerink and her Blades of Acktar series. Jaye L. Knight (aka Molly Evangeline) and all of her books. Also, Susan Marlow and her Circle C Adventures series as well as Heartbreak Trail. I have enjoyed anything I've read by Jerry B. Jenkins, Lauraine Snelling, Walter Farley, Jesseca Dawn, C.S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Rebekah Eddy. I recently found Connilyn Cossette and enjoyed her first book, Counted With the Stars. Other recent finds include Rachel Starr Thomson and Lois Walfrid Johnson. I could go on and on but I think this is enough. :P

What are some books that really impacted your young life? 
I'm going to start by saying the stories by Bill Peet. He both authored and illustrated several sweet childrens' stories. Another book was The Kissing Hand. I read that with my mom and it became very special to us.

A few random questions before we have to part ways... If you had to use one word to describe yourself, what would it be?
Spontaneous? Humorous? Different? I'm not sure. :) I guess “unusual” does a pretty good job of summing me up. XP
Any pet peeves?
Authors who are inconsistent or kill off my favorite characters. Textbooks telling me how to write an essay that are poorly written themselves.

Hahaha, I love it. XD 

Favorite songs?
“Guilty” by the Newsboys. Actually, any song by the Newsboys, Casting Crowns, For All Seasons, The Afters, Buddy Davis, or Chris Tomlin. As far as specific songs, “I Can Only Imagine” by Mercy Me and “Mediator.” I'm not sure who the artist is.

Oooo, all good ones. :) 
Anything else to add? Goals for this year?
Goals? Well, I don't have too many major ones, but I do want to read 120 books this year, get close to finishing writing my story, begin to learn American Sign Language, start taking Driver's Ed., and start to take college classes.

I'm taking ASL this year too!! :) 

Thank you so much, Faith, for including me in this link-up. I had so much fun and I really appreciate your patience with me. ;) You are a super great friend and encourager. I can't thank you enough!

Thank you for taking part, Bethany! Awww, you're too kind, my friend. :) 


I hope you enjoyed the chat! :) Be sure to leave a comment and let us know how we did. :) 

God bless,


  1. I love reading these! Great job, girls! :D

  2. I really, really enjoyed this and even learned some things . . . and I'm Bethany's dad! This was really special. God bless both of you. I am glad for your growing friendship and shared love for the Lord, for writing, and others.

    1. I'm glad that you enjoyed it, Dad. And that you learned something. Thanks for supporting me!

  3. Great job, Ladies! I chose the word "amazing" to describe Bethany. For such a young lady, you continue to amaze me with your wisdom, kindness and strength! Love you so much!

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Carla! That means a lot. :)

  4. I enjoyed learning more about you, Bethany! :)
    I really, really like the Circle C books too! :D

  5. Somehow I erased my first comment because I hit the wrong button - that's a grandma issue... I am truly blessed and proud of Bethany. She has a kind, caring heart and is very sensitive of what is important to others. She knows I love her unconditionally and I would be supportive of her hopes, her desires and her ambitions. I am so thrilled that she has such a love for reading and thank her for all the books she has passed on to me to read. Her heart to write is a gift to both me and her grandpa. Follow your heart Bethany but let God lead the way. Love, Grandma

    1. Thank you so much, Grandma! You are the best. :) I appreciate all the good books you've recommended to me as well. Sorry about that first comment—I hate it when that happens to me. But thank you so much for doing another! I love you!


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