Saturday, August 19, 2017

My Last Summer.

At the beginning of the summer – upon realizing that this summer would be my last before adulthood – I titled a draft post 'best summer yet'. 

Call me crazy if you like, but it's like I just knew this summer was going to be amazing. Don't get me wrong – every summer is special. There's something special in every day if you know where to look for it. 

But this was different. In late May to early June, I had this unexplainable feeling that there was going to be things happen between my junior and senior year to forever mark this summer in my memory. 

And there was. A whole multitude of happenings and irreplaceable memories. It wasn't all fun and happiness. I laughed and I cried, tears of joy and tears of hurt. 

God has been good to me in my seventeen years. I've never experienced terrible hardship. No one in my immediate family or I have been faced with a serious illness. With my dad being a pastor, we've left two churches over the years. Neither time was easy, but we survived them both. 

But this brought about changes and feelings I'd never experienced before, questions coming from deep within that I hadn't even considered. 

To be honest, it was frightening at times. I didn't understand what was happening or why. But I know now. 

As a dear friend said to me, I grew up this summer. Growing up isn't all fun or easy, but it's a part of life, whether we like to or not. Childhood can only last for a season, before we must spread our wings and fly toward the horizon where our futures await. 

I learned many beautiful things this summer. I discovered who I am in Christ – that I am beautiful and precious in His sight, and that above all else, I am His. He has a beautiful plan for my life, a story still in the making. 

I'll never forget the summer of 2017, the special moments and special people that made it up. If you only so much as smiled my way, you had a part in that. May God bless you each and every one. <3 

School starts next week. My senior year. Two months ago, I was freaking out over this. But now? 

I'm ready. I don't know what next year or even next week will bring, but my Heavenly Father knows all that that's enough. He is enough.

And I will always thank Him for giving me my last summer. <3 


  1.'re gonna make me cry reading it. Like you, I had this feeling that this summer would change so many things. And it has. In a good way, but looking back it's always a bit sad to know that nothing will ever be the same.
    But like you said, we can't change it. So let's run into the horizon of adulthood and chase the sunsets together. Because God's got an awesome, amazing plan that I can't wait to discover!

    1. Kind of like a foretelling, huh? Like God was letting us know ahead of time that this summer was going to be extra special. It is – it's bittersweet. But we're young, girl, we've got a lot to look ahead to, and less to look back on. ;)
      *hugs* You're amazing, you know that? I can't wait to see what wonderful things God has in store for you. <3

  2. Beautiful post. This is my summer of adulthood. It isn't easy, but anything in life worth having isn't easy to get to. I've made plans through the course of my life, plans that fell through the cracks and didn't work.

    I've learned that trusting God above all is the key to everything. He has a purpose for everyone and that's exciting.

    God bless you! Enjoy senior year and live in the present of every moment.


    1. Thanks, Ivie. :) Very true and valid point. If things were always easy, we would forget to appreciate them. Plans that we make that turn out to not be God's plans – I relate. It isn't easy, but we can let them go, knowing that His plans are always best.

      Very exciting! Makes me feel so loved. <3

      God bless, Ivie! Thank you so much! =)

  3. Faith you're scaring me! I'm a older than you, and you make it seem like your life is almost over. XD

    But the way you put it. Girl, you've got a gift. You totally put into words what I have been feeling. It's awesome!

    Hey can I do a guest post on your blog? I think it would be cool to get some of your readers over to my blog too. The more the Merrier you know! You can check it out if you want to first. :) My blog is

    Let me know what you think! We could even do a chat maybe. You post it on your blog and I post it on mine. That would be fun!

    1. Haha, sorry, Libby. :P

      Aww, you're sweet! I'm glad you found it relatable.

      That's a great idea! I actually follow your blog! I have been terrible at commenting on blogs I follow lately, but I do usually read your posts. :D

      That would be fun too! :D I don't see a contact page/form on your blog...could you send me an email through the contact form on my other blog ( Then we can talk about a guest post? :)

  4. Wow, Faith! I just love seeing how God has been working in your life lately! I so enjoy your thought-provoking posts. They are encouraging!

    1. Aww, thanks, girl! <3 That is so encouraging for *me*, to hear that these posts are appreciated! :)

  5. Faith Id love to! But now I can't find your contact. Lol.

    Mine I see a small green envelope on the tile right sidebar. If you click on the envelope it takes you to the contact page.

    1. Haha, sorry about that! (It's at the very bottom of the page.)

      Thanks! I'll go send you a message :)


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