Unwanted Blessings...

Hey everyone! 

As you may have noticed, I'm trying to post here on Chosen Vessels every Saturday (recently, there's been just as many post going up on weekdays as weekends, lol.) Today I have a little thingy I wrote awhile back to share with y'all. I actually wrote this for Emily McConnell's Write This Piece assignment. And since I don't have anything else to post today you are getting this. XD

Also, I added the Followers gadget to the top of the sidebar yesterday (not sure why I hadn't ever used it before. :P) So...yes! If you don't do email subscriptions, you can follow me there much easier now. :D 

I hope you enjoy and happy weekend! :) 

The beautiful melody plays…

 It seems like a never changing cycle. The same things, small and somewhat meaningless, repeat themselves days after day. All is wonderful and simple, yet perpetual and consistent. But it's good and you love it. You can't imagine life any other way. 

The pulsation of the tune quickens… 

 Without warning the pretty, lush meadow you've been dwelling in all your days vanishes, dropping, sharp and sudden, down into a dark and lonesome vale. Pain, hurt, fear, and bitter heartache surround you. You're overwhelmed by your discontented longing for something better, for a fuller life, for the normal, simple times you once knew. Deep inside you know that those are gone forever. 

 But it's here, buried in the loneliness, tired and cold, that you'll find the true blessings of life. It’s where you'll realize that good doesn't always have to be perfect; that a normal life isn't always best. 
 When all you can see with your eyes is agony and distress, look with your heart. You'll find that some of God’s greatest blessings are hidden right there. The blessings that you overlooked, hidden among trials and uncertainty, are often the sweetest and most beautiful of them all… 

**All pictures borrowed from Pinterest. 


  1. Wow, Faith, this is so great! I love it and the pictures that you choose to go along with this are so beautiful. :D

    1. Thank you, Rebekah!! I'm glad you enjoyed my little story. :) Aren't they?! Pinterest is so great for that. :P

  2. Beautiful, Faith. It was good to hear that.
    I am going to share the link on my blog!

    1. Thanks, Amy. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
      Aww, thanks! :D


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