Sisters in Christ ~ July 2016 ~ Lauren Stoner

Hello everyone! Today we have another Sisters in Christ chat. :D (Check out the Sisters in Christ page for previous chats.) 
I said last month that this month's installment would be with Bethany R.but there has been a change of plans. Instead, July's chat is with Lauren Stoner. Don't worry, Bethany will be here for August. :) 
And now, I give you... *drum roll* Lauren Stoner from Lauren's Amazing World! If you haven't already, you really should check out Lauren's blog. She posts great stories, super fun writing assignments, and the like. ^_^
So, welcome Lauren to the blog! *applause*

Lauren, go ahead and say hello. Tell the lovely readers a bit about yourself while you're at it. :) 
Hey everyone! I’m an eighteen year old college bound, music loving gal. I get emotional watching movies and reading books, I like to form tight and close friendships, I like to make people laugh and keep situations light, but I also like taking time to have deep and meaningful conversations. Singing is my biggest passion along with video editing nonsense and writing all sorts of stories. I'm a Smarties addict and I am not ashamed to say I am not above being bribed with a pack of Smarties =D

A delightful introduction, don't ya think? 
Let's talk about blogging and all that it requires for a few minutes. What inspired you to start a blog? 
My Momma wanted me to try something new and she thought I'd enjoy having a blog so she let me start one but only open to family and friends. Eventually, she allowed me to go public.

Did you read other blogs before starting your own, or was starting a blog what thrust you into this amazing world we call The Blogosphere? ;) 
I already had my blog for my family and friends before I found other blogs. 

How did you find my blog(s)? 
I read the Andrea Carter books and I saw the Circle C blog address in the back. I began following that blog and through comments, I saw you commenting and eventually clicked over to your Stories by Firefly blog :)
Really? Hmm...I don't remember seeing you around the CCA blog in those days. But I do remember seeing your comments on Emily's blog before I started blogging. :) 
This is Sisters in Christ, so let's talk about our faith. :) What's your favorite Bible verse, chapter, and book? Why? 

Bible Verse: Currently, Proverbs 31:30. Recently started a Bible study with my best friends and we are looking at the Proverbs 31 woman. I read this verse and realized that this is a verse that basically sums up what's important in this life. It's easy to get wrapped up in things that aren't as important and this verse reminds us what is.

Bible Chapter: Psalm 34. Just a number of encouraging verses in this chapter.
Bible Book: Psalms. Psalms is the Bible hymnbook and I love music and so many songs I know come from the Psalms.

What Bible verse has really helped you through some rough times? 

Ephesians 3:20 without a doubt. This one lady (one of my other mommas) at church introduced me to this verse. I asked her for prayer once during an uncertain time. I didn’t tell her the reason, I just asked for prayer. She gave me this verse and through that verse, I realized that God is bigger than any problem I face. He does EXCEEDING ABUNDANTLY ABOVE anything that we could ever ask or think. And that power that can do exceeding abundantly above, is the very same power God gives us through the Holy Spirit! Think about that for a sec. With God on our side, what have we to fear?
I used that verse to help me during that time and I’ve used for many other situations such as exams and tests. 

What is one event in your life that really strengthened your Christian walk?
Probably the time when I had some friends who hid some important things from me and others. I was pretty shook up when I found out that these friends weren't who they seemed to be. I didn't know who to trust anymore but God showed me that He can be trusted. I learned that when others fail me, God will never fail me. I spent a LOT of time in prayer and there were a number of people praying for me during that time. I just felt a lot closer to God after that.

Any Bible reading tips? 
Well gonna be honest here and admit I struggle with this during the summer a lot so I don't feel qualified to give out tips...but since you asked, I say set a goal or get a plan of what you want to read etc. Setting goals encourages you to stay at it. I also recommend asking someone to keep you accountable.

I struggle with it too. ^_^ Two good tips! 
On the chitchat side of things, let's go into reading and writing. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most), how much of a reader would you consider yourself? 
Reader...6 or 7. I used to read a ton but I don't read as much anymore although I can tear through a good book when I find one.

What about a writer? 
Eight. I love writing for fun but I'm not always serious about it *guilty grin*

Where's your favorite place to read and/or write? 
My Mommas recliner chair downstairs. I write on the laptop and I curl up in her chair with hot 
chocolate or tea, a good snack, and type away!
Reading happens best when I'm snuggled in my bed :)

What's your favorite authors? Favorite books by them? 
Susan Marlow and her Andrea Carter series.
Rebekah Morris and the Triple Creek Ranch series (All Andi fans need to go check out TCR if you haven't already!)
I don't follow a lot specific authors...just the above ones and you guys :D

I've heard a lot of good about the TCR series. Must check those out this summer! :) 
What are some books that really impacted your young life? 
THE BIBLE. I'm afraid I'd be a heathen if I didn't say the Bible. 
I mentioned on my blog about Nancy Rue's Charleston Years book series. I read those books five times through at least. The characters were amazing and I always wanted to be part of the Ravenal/Hutchinson family. I love that time period as well.
Also this one biography on Annie Oakley. I don’t remember who wrote but I read it multiple times and I used to pretend to be Annie Oakley with my siblings :P
And a few random questions before we say farewells... 
If you had to use one word to describe yourself, what would it be?
I hate these questions...but I would have to say...

Pretty much lol.

Haha. I love it. :P 
Any pet peeves? 
YES. How long do you have? 
Just kidding.
-Being sick. I hate it.
-Super loud obnoxious music. I don't wanna hear your music when I'm trying to listen to my. Turn down your volume.
-When my sister drinks out of my cup!!!! AUGH. I will eat off my friends plates and we share desserts and stuff a lot, but do NOT drink out of my cup. That's just gross.
-Skinny people who are on diets. Like, you're already a stick, it isn’t possible to be more stickier haha
-Girls who eat like birds. Cause then I feel like a pig LOL

Favorite songs? 
Wow. This is gonna be tough.
Fav Hymn Currently I would say "Grace tis a Charming Sound"
I don't listen to much "Contemporary Christian Music" but I came across this acapella worship music album and I love their "Blessed Be the Name of the Lord" and "In Christ Alone"
I have been listening to "Why Am I Falling?" Sung by Ramin Karimloo

Anything else to add? Goals for this year? 
Not to "preach" at you, but I just wanna say that life is short especially in comparison to eternity. God gave us life as a gift, we must use it wisely. Glorify God in all you do but have fun doing it. Some people make it seem like serving God is solemn, boring, work. Truly serving God will bring you great joy and happiness!

No specific goals...probably make it through my first semester at college.
Great advice, Lauren. <3 

I hope you all enjoyed this as much as Lauren and I did! :D Don't forget to check out Lauren's blog (link at the beginning of the post) and leave her some comments! :) 
Happy Saturday! 


  1. Great post, Lauren! I'm really enjoying this series, Faith :) ( Have I said that before? ^_^ )

    I love your answers, Lauren, and funny enough, I relate to a lot of what you said :)

    1. Thanks! I love this series too.
      Haha glad we can relate. We have a lot in common it seems:)

  2. I had so much fun reading this, Lauren! :) It was so fun learning more about you! :)
    I love the Circle C books too! :D They are so good.
    I haven't read the Triple Creek Ranch series, but I'll have to sometime. :)

    1. Thanks! Triple Creek Ranch were great!!! I highly recommend them


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