"It's a Wonderful Life"

 It's a Wonderful Life *sigh* Just that title is perfectly Christmas, don't ya think? I hadn't seen this movie until...Christmas before last? Anyway, it's quickly became my favorite Christmas movie. :) Instead of including it in the post of Christmas movies I did Sunday, I decide to do I separate post just for this. :) Here goes! 

(We watched this movie last Saturday night and I made two whole lists of notes...so be prepared for this to get lengthy... B-))

- In the drug store. Mary: "I'm still thinking." 

Violet: "I like him." 
Mary: "You like every boy." 
Violet: "What's wrong with that?" 
(Tucker says "what is wrong with that? Especially if I'm one of the boys." LOL.) 

Aw....<3 <3 

- the strings on Uncle Billy's fingers 

- George saving Mr. Gower, the druggist, from accidentally poisoning 

 "I wish I had a million dollars. Hotdog!!" 

- Quote from Annie, the Bailey's maid,: "That's why all children should be girls." 

- dancing the Charleston

- The entire part with George and Mary walking home in the robe and oversized football uniform singing Buffalo Gals! <3 

- When George steps on the belt of her robe and then hands in to her and kisses her hand. "Your caboose, m'lady!" 
- Throwing rocks in the windows of the old house

 "You want the moon? Just say the word and I'll throw a rope around it and pull it down." 
 "I'll take it." 
 "Then you could swallow it and moonbeams would shoot out your fingers and toes and the ends of your hair."... Isn't George poetic? *wink, wink* 
- the man on his porch watching George and Mary  "Why don't you kiss her? Instead of talking her to death." I loved the flowers in this scene. :) 
- when Mary is in the hydrangeas... George: "You don't get a chance like this everyday, especially in Bedford Falls. Maybe I should sell tickets? Naw." 

- Potter: "Sentimental hogwash!" 
- Uncle Billy: "I can get another job. I'm only 55." Then the woman who works there corrects him. "56." Hehehe... ;) 
- When they ask George to stay and work in his father's place

- At the train station.  George: "What's the three best sounds in the world?" 
 Uncle Billy: "Breakfast is served. Lunch is served. Dinner is served." 
- Meeting Ruth Bailey... And George realizes he won't be leaving Bedford Falls
- An intoxicated Uncle Billy trying to find his way home 
- Quote from George's mother, speaking of Mary: "She lights up like a firefly whenever you're around." 
- The type of date George suggests to Violet. "Let's go out in the fields and take off our and walk through the grass. Then let's go to the falls, it's pretty up there. And then we'll climb Mount Bedford!" 

- George showing up and Mary's house and the gate is stuck and he kicks it open. ;) 
- Mary's dress in that scene. So pretty!!! 

      "George Lassos the Moon"

- When Mary starts singing and George acts so...awful, terrible, different.... :-( 
- Mary's mother: "Mary dear, who's down there with you?" 
 "It's George Bailey, mother." 
 "George Bailey, what does he want?" 
 "I don't know. What do you want?" 
- George leaves and Mary breaks to record
- Sam Wainwright calls and Mary offers to let him talk to George. Mary's mother: "He doesn't want to talk to George Bailey, you idiot!"

- The whole scene where Mary and George are sharing the phone and pretending to listen to whatever Sam says... *sigh* 

- Leaving the wedding and seeing 'the run'
- The words under George's father's picture, in the bank office. "All you can take with you is that which you've given away." 
- George is trying to reason with the people and then when they're all heading for the door to go to Potter and then George jumps across the counter and stops them and Mary holds up the $2,000. "How much do you need?" THAT is what makes Mary the perfect girl for him!! :D
- When everyone is saying $20 and the one lady asks for $17.50 :) It gives me all the good, sweet feels! 

- Mary calling and telling George to come home "320 Sycamore" 
- "This is there honeymoon!" 
 "Honeymoon? What are they, ducks?" 
- The rainy duet from outside the window 

- This part :D

- Mary breaking the news to George..."You mean you're on the nest?!" ;)
George: "What is it? A boy or a girl?" 
Mary: "Uh, huh!" That really answered the question... (I'm being sarcastic) 

- Houstus's hair and neck tie. Hair, always messy. Tie, always to short. :D 
- The missing money...
- "It means bankruptcy, scandal, and prison!" 
- The knob on the banister coming off in George's hand
- Talking to Mrs. Welch on the phone...talking to Mr. Welch on the phone... 
- George going to see Potter, the "warped, frustrated, old man"
- George's prayer in Martini's... *sniff, sniff* 
- Wrecking the car into the tree
- The moment of decision on the bridge *creepy background music* 
- Hooray! George didn't go through with it, but jumped in to save Clarence! :D 
- Clarence: "I passed away in it." 
- AS2= Angel, second class 
- George: "You look about like the kind of angel I'd get." 

"You got your wish..." 
--changes after George's wish...
- Mr. Gower, he would've went to prison 
- Zuzu's petals aren't in his pocket
- Pottersville, not Bedford Falls
- All the bars and dance halls up and down the streets...
- The police with Violet
- Ernie, the taxi driver, his wife and son left him
- The house at 320 Sycamore (and Clarence hollering "Joseph, Joseph!" while being handcuffed, and then disappearing into thin air. ;)) 
- Visiting George's mother (and Clarence leaning on the mailbox ;P) 
- Harry Bailey's grave, because George wasn't there to save him. "All the men on that transport died. Harry wasn't there to save them, because you weren't there to save Harry!" 
- Mary, an old maid and leaving the library 

"Please, I want to live again. I want to live again. Please, God, let me live again." Aww...

"My mouth's bleeding!" 

- George comes running into his house and sees all the guys – police, bank inspector, etc. "Isn't it wonderful? I'm going to jail!" 
- George calls one of the kids (Zuzu, maybe?), 'gingersnap' <3

- Mary comes in and then everyone comes with money. Violet decides not to leave town. Annie gives her life's savings, and even the bank examiners chip-in. :) 
- The telegram from Sam Waimwright. "Hee-haw!" 
- Harry shows up :D (By the way, WHERE IS HIS WIFE?!?!? All this time he's gone off to war, where is Ruth?? So maybe she was with her parents...but where is she now? He's just been decorated, why want she there?? *sigh* I guess I'll never know...) 

"Dear George, Remember no man is a failure who has friends. Thanks for the wings! Love Clarence" 

So yeah. I love this movie SOOO much!!! :) 
Have you seen it? Do you enjoy it? If not, do you want to now? 

I'm posting this as part of Heidi's December Inkling Explorations

As soon as I saw this month's theme, I knew what I wanted to do. :) 

Thank you all for reading! Have a lovely day!! :D 


  1. I've never seen this movie before, but now I really want too!! :)

    1. Yes! You'd love it, Rebekah. ;) It's a classic to me. :)

    2. I just finished It's a Wonderful Life this morning! :) So I decided to read back through this post. It makes much more sense to me know that I've seen the movie and know what's going on in all the parts you mentioned. ;) ;)

    3. Hehe, yes, I imagine it would make much more sense that way... ;) Looking back over this post, I realize how much of a ramble it was! Oh goodness!! XD
      Glad you enjoyed! :)

  2. Oh, what Tucker said made me laugh! Does he like Violet? ;)
    Ahhh!! This whole movie!!! I love it so much! Every time I hear "Auld Lang Syne" I think of it! I actually learned to play it on the piano this year because I love it so much! The ending is so precious! And Clarence always makes me laugh! Especially the part when they're thrown out of Martini's (well it's not actually called that then) and George gets up and hurries off and Clarence looks after him for a moment then looks up at the sky and says "How am I doing, Joseph?" and then a split second later he's like "No, I didn't drink any of it!" It's so funny!
    And I love it at the end when he gets a telegram from Hee-haw who says he can have up to $25,000 if he needs it! I LOVE their friendship! :)
    And of course, Harry's "decorated" homecoming is awesome!!!! Seriously, the last scene is my FAVORITE, but you HAVE to watch the movie for it to be so wonderful!!! :D If you just skip it to the end then it's just don't get the same "feels"!
    And. . yeah. I should probably stop talking. :P Can you tell I LOVE "It's a Wonderful Life?" B-)

    1. I wasn't laughing when he said it, but it does seem pretty funny now. ;) Hmm... I don't know. Maybe he does... ;)
      Really?? Amazing! :D I love "Auld Lang Syne". :)
      Hehe, yes! I love the part outside of Martini's/Nick's. ;)
      YES!!! So great of Hee-Haw/Sam. Tucker and I have been doing the hee-haw thing back and forth to each other and flapping our hands next to our ears. :) It's so funny!! And like NO one gets it, so it's like an inside joke. ;D Sam is nice, but I'm SO glad Mary married George instead of him. :)
      Yes!! Harry is amazing. B-) But...I still haven't figured out why his wife, Ruth, isn't there at the end. I mean for Pete's sake, her husband was awarded the congressional Medal of Honor by the president, and she WASN'T THERE?!?!?!? :-O
      Oh yes... By the time George prays on the bridge and runs home, I'm getting all the good feels. Every time I watch a good movie, for hours afterwards, I just wander around the house because I don't know what to do with myself. ;D I did that last night after "Hoovey". ;)
      Yeah, I sorta guessed that you like it by the length of your comment. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Jesseca! Happy New Years 2016!! :D

  3. I've seen this movie over and over and it never fails to move me. In fact, just reading through your list of favorite parts made me tear up. I love it so much! Thanks for sharing :-)

    1. Isn't it wonderful?? :D Watching it and getting all the good 'feels'...*sigh* Gets me every time. ;)
      Thanks for commenting, Hamlette! :)

  4. Thanks so much for posting, Faith!! :) I actually saw this film for the first time two or three years ago and I think I've now seen it twice. :) BUT, when I was about eleven, my mom and I went with a friend and her daughter to see a big college stage production of it, so that was my first introduction and remains quite huge and vivid in my imagination!

    1. Thanks for hosting this, Heidi! :D
      Oh, wow!! That sounds lovely. :) I wish the drama group here would do "It's a Wonderful Life". They've did lots of other great stuff (Tom Sawyer, Alice in Wonderland, etc.) ;)
      Thanks for commenting, Heidi!


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