I'm thankful for....

Here's the previously mentioned post of what I'm thankful for. I could never think of them all so I'll just do a few. :) 

I'm thankful for the flowers of summer...


The colors of Autumn...

The snow of winter...

  Snow in the Christmas trees 

I'm thankful for the amazing trip we got to take this year...

   Yellowstone National Park 

I'm thankful for the wonderful blessing of being able to meet an amazing girl who I'm blessed to call friend in person. :)

I'm thankful for the potter's wheel...and all the mud that it slings out (that being the reason for my clay-caked knees.) :D

I'm thankful for the chance to take classes and create beautiful pottery

I'm thankful for these lovely blossoms that come fall are delicious apples

I'm thankful for the stiff grasses that grow along the creekside (that's a great place to write, by the way!)

I'm thankful for baking and sugar and spices :) My mom was a bit concerned when I snapped a picture of butter, sugar, cinnamon and salt.... ;)

I'm thankful for great friends that I can be myself around :)  (Sorry for the wording. I couldn't crop it out without cut myself in half :P) 
   Can you read the menu on the wall behind us? ;-) 

I'm thankful for words, for with them beautiful books are made. :) If any of y'all can read the papers in this picture, then I suppose you deserve a sneak-peak of what's to come, story-wise. ;D
   This is the bar in our kitchen where I often sit to write. My mom can't stand the clutter though...so I picked it all up after taking the picture. ;) 

I'm thankful for bookstores. I'm going to own my own bookstore one day. :) Y'all can come see me and buy some books!

I'm thankful for eggs in a pretty bowl.

I'm thankful for birthday brownies.
   Can you guess how old I turned? 

I'm thankful for dogs that hop into the old recliner when your back is turned.

    Biskit: you're disturbing me, girl

    "I'm asleep now and couldn't care less what you do to me". 

I'm thankful for brothers who encourage the dogs onto the furniture and then plead the fifth. :)
    Looking at a coyote in Yellowstone 

And last but far from least, I'm thankful for my parents. :)
    Mom and Dad at an old log chapel in Grand Teton National Park :)

What are some of the things you're thankful for? Do you agree with any of mine? 
Thanks for reading! 

Sisters in Christ, 


  1. Wow, it looks like you guys have had an amazing year! I agree with all of yours. ;)
    I'm thankful for so many things. . .but one of the top things (after Jesus and my family;) ) would be getting to meet you this year! It was so amazing!

    1. Hehe, it seems that we always do! :D
      Yes, that was such a blessing!! I'll never forget it. Thanks for commenting! =)

  2. I like your post. I want to read your blog more. The funny thing is, you have a dog named Bullet. In my story (set in 1869) the main character's dog is named Bullet. And I think I named it before I found out about your dog. Have a wonderful day.

    1. Thank you, Amy. :) And thank you for visiting my blog! Oh that's cool about your character's dog! Is that in the story you shared with me?

      Thanks for commenting, Amy!

  3. I am pretty much thankful for all of these. Some I need to be more thankful for, as I take things for granted sometimes. I need to work on that. I like writing too. When you open that store, tell me, and tell me the address.

    1. Yeah, I'm bad about that too. :( Hehe, I will. ;)


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