Monday, July 13, 2015

The Clay and The Potter ~ 1

O house of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter? saith the Lord. Behold, as the clay is in the potter's hand, so are ye in mine hand, O house of Israel.        --Jeremiah 18:6 KJV

But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.         --Isaiah 64:8 KJV

 I came across this picture a few weeks back and I thought it would make a great blog post. But I'd forgotten about it. Then last night I was trying to get a post typed up so I could post it first thing this morning, but I couldnt decide what I wanted to do it on. Earlier this morning I found this and I was like "The Clay and The Potter! Of course!" So, this is going to be in two parts. One this week and the other next Monday. :)
 I'm going to start with the writing on the picture and y'all are also going to get a crash course in pottery. Wheel-throwing specifically, which is pottery using the potter's wheel. :-)

--The Clay--

The clay says, I've been slammed onto a hard, spinning wheel. I'm flying around out of control. 
A potter's wheel is exactly that, a hard, spinning wheel. When the lump of clay is slammed into the center of it and the wheel speeds up, it does seem out of control. 

Under pressure, I am being squashed and squeezed and I know a fire lies ahead. 
On the wheel the clay is under pressure from the top and the side as it is formed to it's full potential. 


Carefully I threw you into just the right spot. Your imperfections are being smoothed as you spin by the loving pressure of My hands. 
The Potter knows the exact amount of pressure that is needed to mold the vessel. As the clay spins around in an unending circle, it is made perfectly smooth by the Potter. 

I am holding you and moulding you. 
Sometimes the Potter just holds the clay, letting it go round and round and all the while being held safely in the Potter's hands. Other times the Potter is moulding the clay and making it into what He has planned for it to be. 
At times in our lives it may seem like nothing is happening, but God is always working. Holding, moulding, or firing He's always right there with us. 

Proud and pleased with My creation. And the fire that lies ahead will only enhance your beauty. 
The fire that lies ahead is called a kiln. In the kiln vessels are fired. A pot is fired, glazed (painted), and fired again. A pot that has not been fired isn't nearly as beautiful as a colorfully glazed vessel. 

The firing and the kiln can be compared to the trials and tribulations of this life, when our faith is tested. But if we stick it out and cling to God and His promises our faith will be stronger because of it. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you found it enjoyable. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts or input. I'd love to hear from you! 
I hope to see you back next week for "The Clay and The Potter ~ 2"! 



  1. I love you! -Linda

    1. Love you too, Mrs. Linda! I'm glad it finally let you comment. ;D

  2. Ooh!! I like knowing that sometimes He just hold us in His hands!!! What a beautiful picture of our Heavenly Father. Good job!

  3. Wow. This was so good and so true. Thank you so much for posting! This post reminded me of a song that was very dear to me as my dad went through cancer a year and a half ago. Here's the link to it on youtube:
    The song uses the example of refining gold, but it's the same principle. Thanks so much for doing the post!

    1. Wow, that's a great song, Jesseca! Thanks for sharing! I hadn't heard it before.
      Thank you for commenting. :D


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