Thursday, June 2, 2016

Contentment in all Seasons of Life.

{ I wrote this over a week ago, but I'm just now getting around to posting it. But here it is and I hope you enjoy. :) } 

I've been doing a lot of thinking about life lately. More specifically, my life. My future. My plans for the future. Plans -- let's talk about that for a moment. 

A month ago I had NO plans for the future. And I was content with that...or so I thought. Whenever someone asked what I was going to go to college for or what I was planning to do with my life, I would shrug, laugh, and say that I had no idea. Which is pretty much the truth. But not entirely... 

Because I do know what I want to do. I want to live my life to glorify God my Father. I want to get married and raise a houseful of children (not Michelle Duggar houseful, or even Olivia Walton houseful, but several). 

But I don't say that when people ask me. Why? I don't really know why, other than that it would be rather awkward to explain to some folks. ;) 

So I say that I don't know and usually end up deep in thought on that subject later. The questions race through my mind like a puppy dog's tug-of-war game. 

What do I want to do? 

Shouldn't I know this by now? 

Why can't I just have everything in my life sorted out like everyone else? 

Is it 'normal' for me to be so...unsure? 

Why don't I know? 

But here's the thing. There is no 'normal', there is no 'everyone else'. I really shouldn't compare myself to others. Why? Because, as I've came to realize, everyone else doesn't have it all worked out either. 

Sure, some people know what they're going to college for when they start high school. But not everyone does, and you know what? That's okay! 

That's okay. That's great for them...but that's not me. If that's not you either, keep reading. (Even if that is you, keep reading. ;D) 

God is teaching me to be content where He has placed me for the right now, doing what He has me doing. And what is that you ask? 

The answer is simple -- writing. Writing my books, writing my stories, and writing these blogs. 

Maybe my stories aren't great. Maybe they'll never take me anywhere (besides my vast and quirky —and dangerous— imagination). But that's what God has placed in my path for me to being doing right now. If anyone is touched by my writing, may the glory go to Him. It's His anyway. 

The other night I was talking to friend about many of the things mentioned in this post -- life, plans for the future, college. And how God knows exactly what He is doing. 

Because there is a reason. You may not see it right now, but you will someday. Be content exactly where God has placed you. Don't waste time longing for what you don't have or trying to figure out where you'll go next. When you get to that step, that season of your life, God will be there ahead of you, directing you towards the path you should follow. And if you're at that step and you feel like you should be moving forward but you're not -- just wait. 

Wait for God's guidance, wait for Him to show you what to do and when to do it. And pray. Pray for God to guide you in the right path, and that you may bring glory to Him while you wait. 

Maybe you're just so unsure of your future and it frightens you. Maybe you don't like things in your life and want change. Maybe you're hurting and just need to know He is there. 

Let me assure you, friends. He is always there. Always loving you, always caring about you and your wants, hurts, and desires. 

And be content. Content with what you have now, where you are right now. :) 

May God bless you, my friends! <3 


  1. Faith, thank you so, so SO much for this post. This is how I've been feeling lately. I'll graduate this year and all of the sudden it seems like everyone is pressuring me to do something. Why am I not going to college right away? Why don't I know what I'm doing this fall? Why aren't I planning for my future?
    I've been trying so hard just trust God and not question, but it can be hard. But waiting for Him to light our next step is so important! And I'm trying to simply enjoy life and be thankful for where He has me right now. Thank you so much for this post and the reminder. It means more to me than you'll ever know! <3

    1. I thought of you when I was writing this, Jesseca. And of our chat about these sort of things a few weeks back.
      I won't graduate for two more years, but I've gotten a lot of the same questions. It really frustrated and bothered me until recently. Now I've been telling myself that I AM planning my future. Or should I say I'm letting God plan my future? That's the way it's supposed to go anyway, huh?
      It CAN be hard -- very, very hard. As is (for me anyway) stepping out of my comfort zone. Like this job at the pottery studio for example. Actually having to TALK to people? Um, downright terrifying!!
      But God is in control and He's got this. I need that reminder a whole lot. :)

      I'm so glad you were blessed by my little ol' thoughts. I'll be praying that God will give you a sense of peace and contentment in your life, and that He'll guide you down the right path when the time comes. :)

      Blessings, my friend! <3

  2. Oh, I love this post, Faith! Thank you SO much for sharing! I can soooo relate to this. It's hard trying to figure things out, and let's be honest, I can be a very bad decision maker at times! ;) And life decisions have got to be one of the hardest problems ever! I definitely have to trust in God to guide me through those! It's especially hard now since graduation is getting closer and closer. Even though it's two years from now, I really want to try and figure everything out so that I can study in a specific area, that way it will help if I decide to go to college/university. So yeah! Big decisions to make. But you're right; God is ALWAYS there! :D

    1. I'm so glad you found this posts helpful, Blessing! Same here with decisions! (And I just don't like making decisions -- whether they be as petty as what I'm going to wear, or as major as high school electives and college plans -- I just don't like it.) It's definitely a struggle. Funny thing -- I thought I was alone in this, but apparently not. ;)
      Yep! I'm with ya!! There are plenty of big decisions to make in the years ahead, but God will guide you (and all of us!!) in the way He would have us to go. All we have to do is trust Him. :)
      Always. He will never leave us nor forsake us. <3

      Thanks for commenting, Blessing! :)

  3. Oh my goodness!! Faith thank you so much this post was so so so so so good!! Please keep doing posts like this, they are very encouraging. :)

    1. I'm so glad this was a encouragement to you, Rishona! I have some more posts like this planned -- on fulfillment, scars/hurt, beauty, and worship. ;)

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this, Faith! It was really encouraging.

    I'm struggling with knowing what to do in the future too, and something I realized this morning is: maybe we're not meant to have all the answers (obviously). The Lord has a plan, and He wants us to trust Him for it. So, yeah. Between you and Oswald Chambers, this topic has been really helpful :D Thanks again!

    1. I'm so glad these words were an encouragement to you! To God be the glory. :)

      Yes, I agree. I don't think we're supposed to know everything right now. But what we do need to know, God will reveal to us when the time is right. Until then, trust and contentment! (And won't it be beautiful to look back from heaven and see how everything fits together?)
      Wow, I'm ranking up next to Oswald Chambers!! LOL.

      Thanks for commenting, Olivia, and for visiting my blog. :)

  5. What a wonderful post, Faith! You did really well. Thank you for all of the sweet comments on my blog, too! <3

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Emily! ^_^ Aww, you're so welcome. I'm so happy I found your blogs; I really enjoy them. <3

      Thanks for commenting, Emily! :D


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