Sunday, January 14, 2018

Flowers by Kellyn Roth {Book Review}

~ Description 
When her husband leaves to fight in the war, Adele feels even more lost and confused. In a new, less-than-ideal place in a frightening, less-than-ideal time, she flees to the garden with her daughters, determined to make their new house a home, even if it is from the outside in.
Battered by her own inner turmoil and scoffed at by those close to her, Adele seeks to make something beautiful amidst chaos. But can even the most beautiful flowers cover the years of scars?

~ My Rating 
4 stars 

~ My Review 
After reading an early version of this story on the author's blog last spring, I jumped at the chance to review the published version. And I was not disappointed. :) 

Flowers is a very sweet story, and I dearly enjoyed it. I read The Lady of the Vineyard back around the time of its release and, while I liked it, Adele was not a favorite of mine. I liked Judy. I loved Troy. But I just couldn't really relate to Adele.

This short-story did a great job of making Adele more easy to connect to for me. I still love Troy (#always), Judy is adorable, Adele is learning and growing, and the jokes are the best. <3

I loved the metaphor of the flowers to Adele's journey. Nicely done, and so sweet too. :)

**I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.**

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Sisters in Christ ~ Janelle M. ~ January 2018

Welcome to the January 2018 edition of Sisters in Christ!

Today's special guest is Janelle from The Ramblings of a Book Worm. Please introduce yourself, Janelle! :)

I'm a rambler. Extrovert. Spending time with people is legit. God is best. I love the smell of books. Summer is a state of mind.

Summer is pretty epic. ;D Since I've got to know you a bit through your blog... What inspired you to start one?
Well I remember a while ago looking for a blog that gave a bunch of book reviews (since *cough* I always seem to need more books) anyways I couldn't find quite what I was look for so, I came up with my own blog :D

Did you read other blogs before starting your own, or was starting a blog what thrust you into this amazing world we call The Blogosphere? ;)
I followed this blog called Andi Carter's blog ;) I'm sure your probably familer with it :D

How did you find my blog(s)?
I discovered your blog from the ... On the CC Adventures blog

Okiedoke, let's talk about faith-stuff. What's your favorite Bible verse, chapter, and book? Why?
Romans. Definitely Romans. I love the power and depth that Paul talks about. I think the 8th Chapter is probably my favorite mostly because beacuse it's talking about Grace. Peace. Love.
And MY favorite verse would be Romans 8:38-39 ;)

That verse is beautiful! What Bible verse(s) have really helped you through some rough times?
I remember this one time a few years ago when I was feeling very fearful about something and God gave me this verse In Isaiah. I don't remember exactly what verse it is but it was what I needed at that precise moment. And yeah that was pretty cool.

What is one event in your life that really strengthened your Christian walk?
There have been so many small moments that God has brought me through. And one thing that I find helps has been praying constantly throughout the day. I find that there is peace and grace that surrounds my day.

Agreed. <3 Any Bible reading tips?
Read it every day. That's all I have to say 😊

Let's talk a bit about bookish things! On a scale of 1-10, how much of a reader would you consider yourself? What about a writer?
*cough*  most definitely a 10. My bookshelf is so filled with books I'm not sure that I could fit another one on it. But that doesn't stop me from buying more... not sure if that's a problem or not..hmm

As far as writing goes, I have quite a few notebooks that are filled with unfinished stories that I never finished. So yeah that's about how all of my writing goes.
Although I do journal, and somehow actually write in it fairly often. ;)

Haha, totally not a problem. xD Where's your favorite place to read and/or write?
MY ideal place to read would be curled up in a hammock, listing to the birds chirping and the warm sun glowing down on me. And of course a LARGE cup of iced coffee in my hand;)

What's your favorite author(s)? Favorite books by them?
Where to begin.... let's see I would probably have to say that Francine Rivers, C.S.Lewis, Tricia Goyer, and Lynn Austin are some of the best writers I've come across But if I must chose my favorite author ever it would have to be L.M.Montgumery. Her books are so incredible!!

Favorite books?! *shakes head*  how am I supposed to chose which books I like best?? That would be like asking someone which of their children do they love the most.
*sighs* I do have a few that I think are really amazing.
The Narnia series by C.S.Lewis. Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers. The Fire by night series by Lynn Austin :D of course Anne of Green Gables gahhh so Good! And any WW11 book by Tricia Goyer..
So yeah :) I can talk about BOOKS for quite a while.

Same here! What are some books that really impacted your young life?
I remember a few years ago reading the book The Screwtape Letters by C.S.Lewis. Wow. That book was filled with so much truth and wisdom. It also gave me another perspective of how the Spiritual World is.

As a child my favorite books were that Circle C Adventure series. I read those books cover to cover!

Lastly, I have some random questions for you before we sign off. If you had to use one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

Any pet peeves?
Gahh pet peeves lets see...
I probably have a bunch I just can't thibk of any right now. Hahaha

Favorite songs?
I love For King and Country so probably anyone of their songs ❤ although if i must chose my favorite song would probably be Priceless :D

Anything else to add? Goals for this year?
Goals?? Hmm. Well my hope is that God will continue to use and strengthen me. Even if it's not a pleasant experience, when you looks back a year later or whenever, often you can see how through the tough times God used them to draw you closer to Him.


Thanks for chatting with me today, Janelle! Be sure to leave her a comment and check out her blog!

Two quick updates before I head off. First, I've joining the new group blog Living for Jesus Christ and will hopefully be posting there a couple times a month. Secondly, I'm going on a blogging break for the month of January.

See y'all in February! :D

Monday, December 25, 2017

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens {Book Review}

~ Description 
The story of Ebenezer Scrooge opens on a Christmas Eve as cold as Scrooge's own heart. That night, he receives three ghostly visitors: the terrifying spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come. Each takes him on a heart-stopping journey, yielding glimpses of Tiny Tim and Bob Cratchit, the horrifying spectres of Want and Ignorance, even Scrooge's painfully hopeful younger self. Will Scrooge's heart be opened? Can he reverse the miserable future he is forced to see? 

~ My Rating 
5 stars 

~My Review 

Ahh, how could I not review this amazing story on Christmas Day? It's quite amazing. :) 

My family listen to an audiobook of this classic a few years ago and, to be honest, I didn't even like it that much. It was good, but not great. Then last Christmas, I read the book again (a super pretty, illustrated version that was a gift from my parents ;)) was epic. 

Like, how did I miss half of this goodness before?! Sure, the whole visits-from-the-ghosts thing could be argued, but I thought it was very well-done. The beautiful telling of a story filled with Christmas spirit... If you haven't read it, you're missing out. :) 

A Christmas Carol is not a top favorite book of mine, but it's just too good not to give it five shining stars. 

A true classic! <3 


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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve at the Backdoor by Rebekah Morris {Book Review}

~ Description 

The Great Depression is in full swing, and Mrs. Kabrick hopes to make Christmas a special time for her children even though they don't have much. With the back door constantly opening and shutting, time flies bringing cold air, visitors, and a very special Christmas Eve.

~ My Rating 
5 stars 

~ My Review 

Oh, how endearing and whimsical! 

Christmas Eve at the Backdoor was a delightful read. From the very beginning, with all the ties to the importance of back doors, I was pulled into the story and the joy and charm of a historical Smalltown USA. (I just love those stories, y'all. ^_^)

The Kabrick family's Christmas preparations are repeatedly disrupted by this and that, but they greet each interruption with smiles and keep the true meaning of Christmas deep in their hearts. 

Definitely one of my favorites by this author! <3 


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Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Proposal by Becky Wade {Book Review}

~ Descrption 
A cold night in Texas, a dream of marriage, a happily ever after....

Single mom Amber Richardson spends every holiday season working to give her young son the best Christmas possible and striving to ignore the empty chairs around her table, chairs she wishes her mother and father and extended family occupied. 

She'd hoped that this holiday would be fuller and happier than the rest. Her handsome firefighter boyfriend, Will McGrath, has brought immeasurable joy and love into her life. Up until recently, they'd even been talking about a future that included wedding bells. Lately, though, the wedding talk has been nonexistent and Amber can’t help but worry that Will's starting to have second thoughts.... 

Until a fire station surprise brings very good tidings.

~ My Rating
5 stars 

~ My Review 

What a darling little Christmas story! <3 

Prior to reading this one, I had read two novellas and a novel by Mrs. Wade and, while I enjoyed them, I didn't love them. Well...I loved The Proposal, y'all. ;) It was sweet and tender, heartwarming and precious all wrapped up in twenty-five pages. 

The romance was sweet and pure, the fireman storyline kinda awesome (Fireproof vibes, y'all xD), and the reconciliation story a perfect add-in. Definitely recommended! :)

A favorite quote: What if someone’s Christmas tree caught on fire in the next ten minutes and the captain couldn’t be found because he was rescuing his girlfriend?


Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Smiles by Rebekah Morris {Book Review}

~ Description 

This was Laina’s second Christmas without her parents, who had died in an accident, and she was sure it would bering nothing but tears, because she and her aunt couldn’t seem to get along. When a frightening experience occurs, Laina, her cousin, and her aunt and uncle find unexpected cause for smiles.

~ My Rating 
4 stars

~ My Review 

I've really enjoyed the stories I've read in Rebekah Morris' Christmas Collection! This was the fourth I've read, and the most recent. They're all really sweet little stories. :) 

In Christmas Smiles, pre-teen Laina is living with her aunt, uncle, and cousin, and feeling really unloved and unwanted. Laina was a very real character, with fears and struggles. I didn't connect with the aunt at first, but...let's just say she grew on me a bit. ;)

The farm setting and family situation was really interesting. I loved the family who owned the farm! They were all great and loving.

Definitely a great, short read! :D 


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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Red Boots by Kate Willis {Book Review}

~ Description 
Old Joey’s lips fell open in astonishment as he examined a pair of boots. They were bright red, standing out like a forgotten apple on an autumn tree. He whistled, long and low. “Red boots!”

A pair of shiny red boots bring unexpected Christmas joy to a shopkeeper and a little girl.

A very short story. (Approximately 8 minutes reading time.)

~ My Rating 
5 stars 

~ My Review 

Red Boots was such a sweet little story, that touched my heart and brought a smile to my face! The authoress did an excellent job at transporting the reader to Old Joey's shop, and bringing the characters to life inside only a few pages. I truly enjoyed! <3 

Psst! This story is also permafree on Amazon Kindle, so you should totally go get it... *wink* 


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