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Hey everyone! How are you on this not so awesome because it's Monday glorious morning? :D I'm...pretty good. I've got alot done this morning in spite of suffering from a serious case of Sunday-lag. What's Sunday-lag, you're probably thinking. You know, what jet-lag is right? Well Sunday-lag is like that except it attacks you on Monday mornings. Yesterday was a more-than-usually tiring Sunday, so I'm still recovering... *stifles a yawn* Anyway... =)

When you saw the title of this post there's a very good possibility you groaned in dread. "Oh, great," you may've moaned. "The girl who is so irresponsible in her blogging, writing, and probably everything else is giving me a lecture on responsibility?!" 
If that was you (or even if it wasn't), take a deep breath and relax. This isn't going to be a lecture. ;) 
What comes to mind when you think of responsibilities? For me I think of several lines I've heard many times – growing…

Sisters in Christ ~ April 2016 ~ Introduction

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first Sisters in Christ chat!! :D 
Soon after I had the idea for this series, I was discussing it with a friend who asked an interesting question. "Who gets to ask you questions?" My first thought? No one! I'm interviewing others! After giving it some thought, I asked if she would be interested in asking me some questions. She agreed and here we are. :) 
And now I give you Jesseca Dawn from A Kansas Wind and Whimsical Writings!! :) (Jesseca's words will be in bold.) 

Hey, Faith! Thanks for inviting me to interview you here on your blog. :) I'm excited for the new Sisters in Christ blog series. To start off with, how about you tell us a little bit about yourself.  I'm a homeschooled teen in the southeastern USA. I enjoy writing, reading, pottery, blogging, and crafts. I live on a 20-acre Christmas tree farm with my parents, little brother, two yellow labs who're known as Bullet and Biskit, and fifteen chickens. :D
And. . .now w…