Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September 2, 1945.

What does that date mean to you? 

Today, September 2, 2015, is the seventieth anniversary of the end of World War II. Though the Japanese had ceased fighting on August 15th, the official surrender didn't come until nearly a month later. It was signed aboard the battleship USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, Japan. 

     Signing of the surrender 

September 2nd and August 15 both may be known as V-J day, Victory in Japan. 

A young sailor celebrating 

Two sailors & a newspaper declaring peace in the world

 While researching WWII, and more specifically the end of the war, I came across this well-known photo and the many different stories behind it.  I read that the nurse was the sailor's girlfriend. I read that everyone was so happy because the war was over, and the nurse was walking by when the sailor grabbed her and kissed her. 
Amongst all the stories and possibilities, I found a book "The Kissing Sailor". It uncovers the secrets behind the picture and tells who these two are. I haven't read it yet, but I plan to and when I do I'll write a book review post on it as well. :) 

Below are a few random WWII pictures. 

 A Willys MB, commonly known as a jeep. 

Medics tending an injured soldier at the Battle of Normandy

 A young German soldier

Sadly, less than five years later America became engulfed in another war; the Korean War (June 25, 1950 – July 27, 1953). We have been in multiple wars since and are at war now.

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  1. I really, really enjoyed reading this post! I think it's sad that a lot of people don't even realize what a significant day today was. Thank you so much for the post and the pictures; it truly is a day to celebrate!!

    1. It's very sad. :'( I was thinking about how many people don't even know what V-J day is, and I thought 'well, this time last year you didn't know either.' So yeah, it kind of hit me. :)
      I agree! My dog and I celebrated. LOL. ;)
      Thanks for commenting, Jesseca!

  2. Excellent blog! I learned some things!

    1. Anonymous comment was Linda A. :)

    2. Good to hear! :) Thanks for commenting, Mrs. Linda. Glad it's working for you now. ;)

  3. Well, I surely won't forget the date now! I enjoyed all the pictures! (I'm eager to see what the book says!)

    1. I've become a little bit of a WWII fanatic while writing and researching for my WWII novel. =D Oh yes, I need to find that book...
      Thanks for commenting, Bethany!!


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